Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hello My Dear bloggers,
Do you know how you can add Google Adsense in Blogger-and earn money when someone clicks on your Google-ads.
If you do not know, I will provide you with some step by step info on how to do it.
You can find the Adsense button in 1 of my bloooogs listed belooooow.

In order to display ads on your blogger account, you have to create an Adsense account with Google Adsense. I will show it to you in 7 easy steps:
I. First of all, create a account as it is very easy to add Adsense, pictures, videos, html codes, Javascript, i.e., anything through the blogger.
II. When you have created an account in blogger, just go and blog about something, let it be any topic that you like, bodybuilding, internet marketing, jewelry, funny jokes, pictures, videos, news, health and medicine, etc. and then publish-it in front of the world.
III. Then after you have created around 4 to 5 blogs like me , just visit my blog and create your adsense account through pressing the BLUE button saying "GET TARGETED ADS ON YOUR SITE WITH GOOGLE ADSENSE". You can visit one of my blog here for creating a google adsense account, you can see the adsene button over there and clickthat button and create youraccount.
Afterdoing this, you have to wait for GoogleAdsense to approve your account.
Best day to create an account with Google adsense is Tuesday, as they do not have any pending logs on that day and take fresh ones into account the same day and also then approve in 1 day or maximum 2. I have done this for my own account and got approvedwithin 24 hours.
IV. After you application has been approved byGoogle, just log on to and view yourblog. There is a button on the leftside saying "CUSTOMIZE" so you have to click on that button and a page will open up having columns like "ADD A PAGE ELEMENT" and now you know that on which side or corner of the page, you wantto add adsense, pictures, videos, anything you like.
V. When youwill click on "ADD A PAGE ELEMENT", a new page will open up saying link list, list, picture, html/javascript, text, adsense, feed, labels, logo, blog archive, profile, page header. Now you are free to add anything.
VI. The main thing which I like a lot about this system is that you do not have to create a separate account for Adsense and Blogger. You can create a singleaccount and everything else is handled by Google and Blogger. You can easily addAdsense in this bloggerwidget without the need of knowing htmlor javascript or any SEO type of thing. Even your pub ID is also handled by google, but remember to create single account for both Blogger&Google. Do not create separate accounts.
VII. If you want to see how theseads look or if you need more guidance, you can take a look on my blooogs on blogger:
VIII. When you will visit them, you can see that Adsense ads depend truly on the content and Metatags you have entered. Forexample, for my blog named, the ads are appearing like hotels, restaurants, kebab corner, but you should always try to post fresh-content in these blogs.
Punjabi Tiger

Hello friends,

I would like to tell you about a new site by the name of Squidoo where you can build a page about your passions and interests.

As you may know, Squidoo is the world's most popular site for people who actually want to create a page about their interests and passions, Highlight blogs, books, online videos, online malls and shops, or just spread the word about the stuff you really love.

Bonus: you can also earn money (for you or charity) at the same time.

It is very fast, supereasy, and of course free.

It only takes 5 minutes to get you started and create your own lens.

Here are a few of my lenses on Squidoo.


Enjoy and read these lenses.