Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Earned 75 Dollars With Paypal Wishlist Facebook Contest

Simple steps and instructions on how you can create your new paypal wishlist application and earn one dollar via referring one friend up to a maximum of 100 dollars for referring 100 friends before December 31, 2009, only eight days are left now. Yes my friends sangeetjass has already earned 100 dollars by referring more than 100 friends and I have referred 75 friends and earned 75 dollars with Facebook PayPal WishList application.

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Best wishes from my side. Now do not keep your hands on hands and do this before 31st of December 2009, as this offer expires on this date.

When I will get paid by paypal after creating my paypal wishlist application and paypal/facebook account?

We will get paid by paypal before 28th of February 2010


Merry Christmas and best wishes for New Year 2010

If you think this is a scam, read how Rajinder Soni (soni2006) has earned 75 dollars with Paypal wishlist facebook contest

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sex before marriage

For some the sex before marriage is something natural and a biological need and for others it is quite complex and is respectful to the point of not thinking in such a practice before marriage. In your opinion, sex before marriage is natural? or better is expected to link marriage? Talk and expose, as your opinion is important.

In my opinion, sex before marriage is wrong attitude more than a couple who wants a communion with God can make for you. People usually think it's ridiculous, what the media says boyfriends are already practicing sex before marriage, it is natural for them and for those who prefer to wait until the wedding in most cases are considered "fools". Do not be influenced by these people! Sex before marriage is totally against the will of God, do not spoil your future, why wait, be patient. After all the sex was created by God and is something very holy when it is done in divine or after marriage.

Sex is everything, when there is love and nothing without love. The rest, as if two people love and will marry, is a matter of conscience. Each has its own part to play. I will not say: Go on and cross. Anything that does not come from faith is sin. Not the thing itself, but by practicing without the endorsement of consciousness, which is the peace of faith. I would not have problems. But I only speak for me. Some people make a distinction between day and day, from food and food. For me all days are equal, and by the action of Grace, all foods are sanctified. Sorry, just what I can tell you. What it pass, then the answer I gave so clear that it is unwilling to take responsibility at least to decide. There would be a healthy little triangle. Sin is what God places. And without faith nothing pleases God. And the faith has to be his, not mine. I saw someone asking questions of personal questions? I believe, and live with the consequences, and never ask the complicity of anyone.

The Bible speaks much of the dissolution. However, the dissolution sex does not hurt God. God does not grow and not diminish anything of what to do or to leave with my life, much less with my genitals. The dissolution is sin only because it is evil to man. To be diluted. Take the essence, the solution inside. Hence, there is dissolution. And this barely affects the person practicing. God is not minor. And that evil is that which produces the dissolution? However, it leaves its diluted, pasty, unable to experience any form of love. Hence the losers cannot love and not be faithful to anyone. Not to mention that the proliferation of sexual experiences nobody experienced for life, for the link to the relationship. Just leave the individual with "one thousand memories" to compare and thus increases their dissatisfaction with a single partner, as he is always being referred to the fantasies of other times. I know that I advanced for each other. To others I face too. And I, what I think? Well, I'm not there! I know what I say is true, as the Spirit of the Word and according to what Jesus taught as being true before God.

Sex is something that any couple that wants love. Obvious. But everything has its time, its time. Prefer the sex after marriage is not be against him, but for much more than just sex.

Sex in marriage is like a conquest, both were together until the right moment. If this "victory" comes before marriage, was born a "satisfaction" that covers the expectation. Not good. Accommodate. What will the marriage was not before? What is new?

Therefore, each one decides. In addition it is a matter of obedience and intelligence. If who created, created to consolidate the marriage bond, to anticipate what things? And who anticipates, knows more than who created? I think not.
Sex, yes! Certainly. But agree: Everything has its time! Including sex.

Some people say that the stay, which ended with the call of family, marriage, others say it is having sex with the person, who knows, and does not disappoint married before, I have heard many women saying that. I am not here to judge either of these two sides, but I would like to know the view vcs in this regard. think if two people have sex frequently, you know the other better and it makes the marriage has more chance to make right?

Attract, meet, seduce women

How to attract, meet, and seduce women??

TIP #4 - If you have a moustache, be sure and keep it short and neatly trimmed. Women are turned off by long moustaches that invade their nostrils during kissing. Also, keep it clean and don't let it collect food, haahahaah kidding.

Justify second marriage

How to justify second marriage?

Months passed by and then the fat wife and the slim wife... SLIM WIFE? ... hey buddy, there aint no slim ladies around here ... !!!

The engineer got used to his new WIFE STYLE ...

So now the second marriage is justified.

Men better than women

Are men better than women???

There are some more aspects in men besides what you have displayed in your album and that are:

1. If you will love him by heart, he will love you like anything.

2. If you want to become something in life, he will be at your back supporting you.

History of Sex in India - Kama also means emotional needs

Ancient History of Sex in India- Kaama Shastra
Kama also means emotional needs, so the debate was on emotional needs, and sex comes in the emotion brackets, now if you look at sex as any other emotional need, the debate had its merit in its own way.

Is Virginity tampered by Mastrubation?

Is Virginity tampered by Mastrubation?

There are many other ways including jumping, hopping, and sometimes while playing some outdoor games that a girl can break her hymen membrane accidentally without having sexual intercourse, but none of these activities including masturbation takes away a girl’s virginity.

Aggressive sexual behavior and media

Is media responsible for aggressive sexual behaviors?

There is a sexpert column in Mumbai mirror online in which people come up with their problems relating to sex. Once I read a girl asked "I have had sex with my ex-boyfriend and now I am getting married and I am scared my husband will come to know that my hymen is split, as I have had sex before.

How to prevent divorce?

How divorce happens and how to prevent it?

No, I am not in favor that an arranged marriage has a low divorce rate than love marriage. Divorce can happen in any type of marriage, be it love or arranged. I have seen a lot of my friends

Last night I engaged in extra course

Last night I engaged in extra course with my boyfriend. Is there a chance of pregnancy?

Did you saw any liquid on your private area?

When I stood up, I felt liquid in my private area, which I do not know, was his or my liquid. I am not sure if it was his liquid or mine but the liquid was transparent. I rubbed it off with tissue and then washed it off as well. If there is a chance of pregnancy, then what medicines should I take? It is barely 18 hours since that time? Please help.

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Look out for amazon widget in the side bars

Look out for amazon widget in the side bars where it is showing nitric oxide ads on my google blogger integration post.

Blogger Amazon Integration News: My feedback

Blogger Amazon Integration News: My feedback Amazon ads are not blending up according to the content of my blog. Why?

Look out for the amazon widget below which is showing nitric oxide boosters ads on my google blogger integration post.

Displaying amazon products on google blogger

Displaying amazon products on google blogger is very easy now. Check this out:

Like this. It is super cool. I am able to add it right now. You can also do the same. Thank you Amazon and blogger.

Deal for only $6.80 Universal Apple iPod

Deal for only $6.80: 'Universal Apple iPod USB Charger Kit - USB Retractable Hotsync Cable - USB Ho...' by Luxmo

Hey I am able to find a lowest deal also. Only for 3.33 dollars. I think I will buy it now.

Just saw this on Amazon: Apple iPod touch

Just saw this on Amazon: 'Apple iPod touch 8 GB (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL' by Apple Computer for $179.99

Found this interesting and thought to share with my friends.

How to implement Voip

How to implement Voip Service in Real Time?

For implementing Voip service in real time, it requires use of RSVP, Signaling System, public switched network, PBX, PSTN, ATM, video phone, and gateway.

Amazon Associates and Google Blogger Now Integrated in my blog

Amazon Associates and Google Blogger Now Integrated. Check out my latest blog: Get yourself one now.

Voip Phones - Quality of Service

Voip Phones - Factors for Quality of Service (QoS)
QoS or quality of service function is of paramount importance in relation to the QoS experienced by end users. This is influenced by two key factors:

The voice quality end to end, determined by the successive processes of coding - decoding, and packet loss on the network.

The end to end delay, due to the successive processes of coding - decoding, packetization and "glued". Subsequent interactivity in the conversation, and therefore the QoS.

IP networks are networks of best-effort type and therefore offer no guarantee of QoS, but IP telephony applications if they need some sort of QoS guarantee in terms of delay, jitter and packet loss. In this regard there are two mechanisms for QoS signaling, namely IntServ and DiffServ. Both are "mechanisms" in the face of network.

Advantages of voice over IP

Advantages of voice over IP technology

The differences between the operation of voice and data networks require different management approaches.

Traditionally, the phone industry works with a high reliability requirements, known as the "five nines" 99.999 percent. This translates into a central design goals of public exchange that guarantee service levels fall as two hours every forty years of operation. Forty years account for approximately 350,400 hours and two hours without service would represent only a 0.0000057 for all that time. Or what is the same, an availability of 99.9994 percent.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Google to launch its new SON, GOOGLE CAFFEINE

Google to launch its new SON, GOOGLE CAFFEINE, THE NEXT GENERATION super fast search engine.

How to get help from nitric oxide boosters for young bodybuilders?

How to get help from nitric oxide boosters for young bodybuilders?

Create backlinks and multiply the number of visitors to your site with

It took me 1 minute to sign up for this useful site MULTIPLY. I have signed up with this for creating backlinks to my hubs and blogs for earning money. You can also sign up and reap the benefits.

Important note: This site has great backlink creation powers and is not meant for people who just write an article and wait for the visitor to come but this is meant for people who spread and multiply their words via these types of sites and bring high traffic to their articles or sites.

Best of luck.

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Posted a new comment - withdraw PF in India

I posted a new comment to the hub How to withdraw your provident fund or PF in India?

Video Games- 18 Days, 18 Deals

Video Games- 18 Days, 18 Deals: Now is the time of year when anticipation builds more with each passing day. It's also the time of year when Amazon Video Games has scores of fantastic deals happening all at once. There is no better way to celebrate the season than with a mashup of daily anticipation and fabulous deals! Starting Tuesday, December 1 and continuing for 18 consecutive days, Amazon Video Games will be featuring one new, terrific deal for your gaming pleasure. Quantities will be limited!

# Diamond Stud Earrings

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Save over 30% off the Canon PIXMA

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Extra Discounts on Magazine Subscriptions

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Top Holiday Deals and Frustration Free Packaging in Toys

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Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device

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Blu-ray Players Under $200: The high-definition experience

# Blu-ray Players Under $200: The high-definition experience doesn't have to be expensive. has Blu-ray players from brands such as LG, Samsung, and Sony with prices below $200.

Windows 7 Netbooks Under Starting $350

Windows 7 Netbooks Under Starting $350: Find the biggest selection of netbooks with Windows 7 Starter in the netbooks store.

Managing your money in a recession: How to start saving your hard earned money?

Managing your money in a recession: How to start saving your hard earned money?

invite more friends to sign up for paypal wishlist application

Step by step instructions on how to invite more friends to sign up for paypal wishlist application

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Earn 100 dollars with your Paypal Account: Important terms and conditions for WishList Promo

Earn 100 dollars with your Paypal Account: Important terms and conditions for WishList Promo

Step by step instructions on how to invite more friends to sign up for paypal wishlist application

Step by step instructions on how to invite more friends to sign up for paypal wishlist application

After doing this, for getting more and more friends, create a new article or blog sharing information on facebook paypal wishlist promo with your “link” inside (see your facebook profile for the link and you will get it in your widget saying, PAYPAL WISHLIST, right click from mouse and copy target). After creating one blog or hub like me, share it via,,,, and many other social bookmarking top sites available on the Internet.

Do you have a Paypal account? Yes, get free 100 dollars worth of guaranteed cash!!!

Do you have a Paypal account? Yes, get free 100 dollars worth of guaranteed cash!!!

“Important PayPal-WishList-Update for all my “hubpages” (write orkut for orkut friends, facebook for facebook friends) friends in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore.: Thanks for creating your paypal wishlist: but you need to create your Paypal account before December 31st, 2009 for withdrawal of 100 dollars worth of free money or the funds will be forfeited. Do it here, now free sign up:

You can copy and paste the above paragraph for inviting more and more friends and also telling them in advance about importance of creating paypal account but remember to edit my links with your links.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Is Paypal Wishlist a SCAM or not?

Important PayPal WishList Update for everyone in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore.: Thanks in advance for downloading PayPal WishList Application but you need to create your Paypal account before December 31st, 2009 for withdrawal of 100 dollars worth of free money or the funds will be forfeited. Do it here, now free sign up: Create your paypal account for free

For more info on what is PayPal WishList, visit Is Paypal Wishlist a SCAM?

Managing your money in a recession: How to start saving your hard earned money?

Managing your money in a recession: How to start saving your hard earned money?

Managing your money in a recession: How to start saving your hard earned money: Tip #3: Shopping for things, which are really necessary.

There are many people around the world who cannot visit a mall or a shopping store without buying something and there are also people who just do “window shopping” and only buy things, which are really required or are necessary. In this time of tight economy, people who resist from buying each and everything they just want to buy are considered to be smart people whereas people who cannot stop from buying anything they place an eye on are not smart enough. It is just a matter of how disciplined you are and how you think about your personal finances and family responsibilities, so if you will just shop for things which are really necessary in this time of recession, you will definitely acquire benefits from that.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Is Paypal Wishlist a SCAM? Countries eligible for payment

s PayPal WishList a SCAM or not?

I am pretty sure that this Paypal Wishlist application is not a fraud or scam because if it is, facebook will lose its trust on millions of users using its applications and other products for social networking or for business plus facebook’s share prices would go down if that happens.

Countries eligible for payment (1 dollar per friend up to 100 dollars) for just downloading this PayPal WishList Application via Facebook are India, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Is Paypal Wishlist a SCAM?

Have you ever thought that why paypal has been paying 1 dollar to each person just for signing up with the paypal wishlist? It is because many of our facebook friends have to create a paypal account yet and if paypal is able to get merchants sign in and start doing business with paypal or use paypal, paypal will earn.

PayPal account holders in India, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand are eligible to earn cash back

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Although, all facebook users may use PayPal WishList application; but only PayPal account holders that are registered in India, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand are eligible to earn cash back in their paypal accounts. It is also important to note that all facebook users downloading this application need to create a paypal account before 31st of December 2009 to get the funds transferred in their account. This promo is valid till 31st of December 2009 or till funds last. See Terms and Conditions under People who have earned some dollars from their paypal wishlist creation must be thinking about how to cash out this money from this application. For this, you have to create a paypal account which you can do by signing up here:

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Earn 100 dollars, 1 dollar per friend from PayPal Facebook Promo

Rajinder has created a PayPal WishList!

Create and share your PayPal WishList and earn up to US$100. To shop for items on the WishList, go to and click on the "Buy Now" tab.

Create a wish list and earn $100, $1 per friend from PayPal Facebook Promo

Earn $100, $1 per friend from PayPal Facebook Promo

Hurry offer ends soon

Create a wish list and earn $100, $1 per friend from PayPal Facebook Promo

Rajinder has created a PayPal WishList!
Create and share your PayPal WishList and earn up to US$100. To shop for items on the WishList, go to and click on the "Buy Now" tab.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Three simple tips to save money in 2010?

How to take control of your budget in 2010? Three simple tips to save money

After applying these three tips to save money for the last 5 months, we are saving 20+75+80 = 175 dollars per month. Isn’t this good enough?

Actually these cuts in the useless TV channels, postpaid phone bills, and useless grocery items from the supermarket has made our budget much more manageable than before.

So friends, savings like these can work well for anyone but it takes some time to sort things out and then apply these changes. These changes really help us find some extra money in our monthly budget.

Saving money in 2010 and avoiding extravagant spending

How to save money in 2010 - Tips to avoid extravagant spending

The above article contains 5 tips I am using in my personal life. I think there are many other ways to save money but I have written them because I am applying them in my life. I think after reading these tips, you must have some idea on how to save your hard earned money by reducing some of your irrelevant expenses.

Friday, November 27, 2009

How to sell a structured settlement?

Structured Settlements - How to sell a structured settlement payment?

The last step is that the seller should try to understand the whole selling process followed by signing of the purchasing company, which will help him/her in obtaining greater clarity on amount he/she has received from sale of structured payments. After finding out that the sale has gone in favor of seller and its dependents, the court will make an order for insurance company for sending finances or payments to buyer in the future. This transaction will not be taxable.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

VoIP business solutions - VoIP phones and connection buying guide: Before planning to buy VoIP, compare top VoIP service providers here on HubPages

VoIP business solutions - VoIP phones and connection buying guide: Before planning to buy VoIP, compare top VoIP service providers here on HubPages

Are you ready for VOIP now......

Hi friends,

I have created a new blog on Voip phones today and would like you all to read it. Tell me how it is. I have been writing on VoIP technology for quite some time. If you feel, the info provided is useless or useful , write a comment and give me some feedback.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Treatment for painful vericose veins

TREATMENT for vericose veins

* Self-Help (general).

* Avoid sitting or standing still for long periods.

If your job or daily life are sedentary, you have to bend your legs and ankles often, stand up and walk. At the end of the day, will help alleviate any swelling, elevate the legs a few centimeters above the heart (eg, lying).

Regular exercise (walking, cycling, swimming) decreases the pressure in the veins and relieves discomfort.

Average compression. Provide immediate relief and long-lasting, to compress the varices and thus improving venous return. Usually designed so that the maximum compression is around your ankles and calves. May also be indicated in pregnancy.


Surgery. Varicose veins can be removed through surgery, which should include the excision of the vein and its largest tributary or collateral. The long-term benefit for patients is very high. Surgery is usually complemented by the sclerosis of varicose veins.

Sclerosis of varices. For varicose small but unacceptable aesthetic effect, is generally used a technique that is injected directly into a varicose superficial venules each chemical that produces an inflammation of the venules, which then is followed by scarring (sclerosis) of the same. The technique usually includes multiple sessions. If successful, it is virtually painless and free from complications.

For more info, read How to get rid of painful vericose veins?

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Outstanding work of art by great book writers

This link Outstanding work of art by great book writers

to article contains evergreen novels of all time which are listed below:

1. Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

2. Timeline by Michael Chrichton

3. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

4. White Tiger

5. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

6. Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

7. Banker to the Poor (The story of the Grameen Bank) by Muhammad Younis

8. The Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome by Nigel Rodgers

9. No Man's Land by Harold Pinter

10. The Lord of the Rings Series by J. R. R. Tolkien

11. Hot, flat and crowded – A Thomas Friedman's book on Global warming

12. Kite Runner directed by Marc Forster

13. A Mountain in Tibet by Charles Allen

14. Barsa by Dr. Khadeeja Mumtaz

15. One night at the Call Center by Chetan Bhagat

16. First Light by Sunil Gangopadyay

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Large population a blessing or a curse

The US shivers in its boots as the baby boomers, the "bulge" in its population starts retiring at the age of 60. Graying populations are a huge fear for everyone from governments to insurance companies.

OECD Governments fear quantum changes in demographics as some of its most experienced and productive workers retire and have to be supported by existing social security nets or non-existent ones. While countries like Germany, Italy and Japan are already facing these crises, countries like the US and other western European countries are getting ready to face the challenge. Not only does the productive group reduce, the economics makes immigration inevitable leading to other social pressures.

By 2035 China faces the ignominious inevitability of having a graying population but still falling under the "developing nation" tag, as it isn't slated to be "developed" until late this century. This is primarily due to its "one child" policy.

India which isn't slated to be "developed" in this century at all cannot afford to have disastrous demographic policies.

As for the "right" or the "wrong" people, lets not be judgmental about who is "right" to have children and who isn't; it is a cycle. As the wealthier sections of society have less children, the children of the poorer sections of society will step into the shoes that have been vacated. Which makes it all the more imperative to build an excellent education system that prepares them for this inevitability. Read more:

Are large populations a blessing or a curse for a nation?

Friday, July 17, 2009

How to manage office politics

Office politics is a very common problem and it is not only you who are having with this problem but everyone in the working class some time or other in his/her life has this problem. Now you know that this problem is everywhere and you are stressed out that I WILL CHANGE MY JOB or I WILL KICK OR PUNCH THE PERSON WHO HAS DONE WRONG WITH ME but no it is not a solution for this problem. The problem can be the same in your next job or office also. Then what you do.

Actually, I have the SOLUTION and the solution is my old friend Amit Luthra who has written a nice comprehensive well detailed article today which I am going to share with you because I want everyone to tackle this problem right THERE.

Amit has not only detailed and catogarized all the problems like BACKSTABBING, BLAMING, CREDIT STEALING, COMPLAINING but has also provided very good solutions termed as COUNTERATTACKS in his hub.

So here is the hub. How to manage office politics

Go ahead and read it to not only manage office politics but also control them diplomatically forever.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Treating Cancer in a natural way

My mother had stage III uterine cancer at the time her cancer was diagnosed. I was in 12th class at that time and me and my father did every effort to save her with radiation treatment to chemotherapy, from using preventing spread of cancer injections to medications, from extra injectable vitamins to everything we could do, but we were not able to save her. She died 12 years back on March 11 1997 leaving us all alone in this world. We all loved her a lot but were unable to save her but now after 12 years, I would like to see patients suffering from cancer getting rid of it. It does not mean that there was no cure for cancer at that time also but it was our own fate that we did not know how to prevent its further spread and how to make her live. Everyone says it is in God's hands and I agree but yes there are also cures available which I have listed in this article:

Natural Treatments for Cancer

I wish that one day cancer disease will become curable just like polio and tuberculosis in which injections are administered to newborns to prevent the baby from having that disease in his/her lifetime. I know about a vaccine which is the news nowadays in order to prevent cervical cancer and its name is Gardasil I guess.

So I think that day is not far when a vaccine for preventing cancer completely will be made and administered to the newborns so that no baby in this world will have cancer and it will eradicated from our lives and society.

You can also read this:

Gentle and non toxic treatment of cancer is not only possible but this person has done the same for over three thousand cancer patients in the past eight Years. You can join his crusade. Click Here! You can help people avoid the barbaric chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and surgery which kills a cancer patient early than anything and the doctors at the end only say, We were not able to save your mother because the cancer had spread all over her body".

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Advice for chronic neck pain and what is compression neuropathy

Advice for a patient suffering from chronic neck pain

Compression neuropathies

It is a well-known fact that compression neuropathies in upper extremities are really common which are recognized frequently. The prevalence of combination of morbid and common obesity in aging population suggests the problem of upper extremity compression neuropathy will rise up in the next 10 years. In 1990s, etiologic relation between occupation and nerve compression disorders was really controversial but nowadays existence of multilevel neural compression is generally recognized, but work-relatedness of these conditions is still debated.

Except for significant exposure to vibration and some specific occupations with a high incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is generally accepted that work is just one component of many factors that contributes to and aggravate compression neuropathy.

As compared with other compression neuropathies in the upper extremity, carpal tunnel syndrome, in general, is managed less successfully with nonoperative treatment.

The surgeon who treats nerve compression of the upper extremities should be aware of many other neurologic problems, for example Parsonage-Turner syndrome, brachial plexus neuritis, motor neuropathies, and mononeuritis which can mimic or correlate to entrapment neuropathies and mostly do not respond to surgical procedures.

In a recent survey, it has been found that there is a group of individuals who are sensitive to development of compression neuropathies genetically. Some systemic factors including diabetes, obesity and thyroid disease have found to be related to these problems.

Pathophysiology Of Chronic Nerve Compression

Clinical presentation of patients having chronic nerve compression is variable and it reflects broad-spectrum histopathologic changes that may occur in the nerve.

In some patients with associated morbidity, neural tissue biopsy could not be performed and most of the knowledge and info about histopathology of human compression neuropathies is estimated from animal models.

Some studies done by renowned medical practitioners suggest neural ischemia contributing to nerve compressions; however, many of these studies reflect acute changes, which occur with compression. Many animal models have been shown that use different types of techniques to induce chronic nerve compression, but there is a concern about the potential for Silastic to induce reactive effects on a nerve. The histologic changes seen in the Silastic cuff model are essentially identical to those seen in the few histologic studies of chronic nerve compression that have been published.

Medical researchers have reported limited tissue reaction around the silicone tubes 1 year after human nerve repairs. The continuum of neural changes that occur will depend on the force of compression and the duration of compression. The histopathologic changes that occur with chronic nerve compression begin with breakdown in the blood-nerve barrier, followed by endoneurial edema and, subsequently, by perineurial thickening. Increased endoneurial pressure will result in changes in the microneural circulation and render the nerve susceptible to dynamic ischemia. With increased compression, there will be localized demyelination, followed by more diffuse demyelination and finally axonal degeneration. Neural changes may not occur uniformly across the nerve and may vary depending on the distribution of compressive forces across the nerve. Superficial fascicles will undergo changes sooner and may result in varying patient symptoms within a single nerve distribution.

Pathophysiology Of Chronic Nerve Compression

For example, in early carpal tunnel syndrome, the superficial fascicles to the long finger and ring finger are usually affected before the fascicles to the thumb and radial side of the index finger. Patient sensory complaints will generally parallel the histopathologic neural changes and will progress from intermittent paresthesia to persistent numbness.

Sensory testing will also vary with the degree of nerve compression. Initially, patients will have alteration in threshold measures and, with more severe nerve compression, will progress to deficits in two-point discrimination.

London Olympics 2012

How successful will be London Olympics 2012?

The London Olympics will be really successful because of large redevelopment of most-deprived areas of east London. People and sponsors are investing tens of billions of money into the region where Olympics is going to be held and all these combined together will totally redevelop the area and it will ready for modern urban life.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Is Honda Jazz costly for 7.62 lakh INR on road?

Is Honda Jazz costly for 7.62 lakh INR on road?

Honda says there is no competitor of the Jazz in the Indian market and Honda has started a new segment.

Honda Jazz is overpriced but I have read over here that the cabin and
boot space is excellent. It is almost 80% of the new City. Its almost a sedan and much bigger than a hatch. But the price does suck. Too pricey.

torque is poor in MPFi petrol engines and also MPFi gives starting troubles but in turbo direct petrol injection engine u don't have to revv high to get peak torque, usually GDi engines generates peak torque in 1800-3500RPM band thus saves fuel and keeps engine stress free, but problem is if GDi replace old MPFi then petrol and diesel car will cost same

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

How to think and B positive all the time?

How to think and B all the time?

Unexplained forces

Whatever mind exercises you will do, you will first face these forces, I said unexplained because its not even proven through science yet but they exist.

The first one is your WILL POWER or the power of Will.

The other one is your POWER OF BELIEF or we call FAITH in other words. These two forces are the most important forces of your mind and have a strong relationship between each other.

The third one as we proceed is your IMAGINATION POWER or the power of your imagination.

Fourth is your Self Confidence. It is too important in your daily life.

The fifth one is your POWER OF SUGGESTION, which means how you perceive and deal with people in different situations.

Last and the sixth one is your CONCENTRATION POWER.

If you are able to control over all the above forces, then you can easily do mind power exercises, which include telepathy to hypnotism.

Emotional Intelligence also plays a vital role in your daily life. If you are able to understand these forces and really get to know how they work, then you can grasp others in just one finger. Nobody would be able to stop you.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sexiest Woman's Boots Around the globe

The Sexiest Woman's Boots In The World

The above link will take you to a great article written by blondepoet who has written about sexy boots for women especially knee high and thigh high which are of latest trend. You can find the best deals and best buys on women boots and footwear through this hub. I found this hub really useful for cute little girls, aunties, and middle age woman looking for new and interesting ideas on wearing different shapes and styles of boots. You got your new sexy boots and now what. Do not worry, Blondepoet has also explained in this article on how to take of your leather, seude, and nubuck boots. These boots are of low budget and can be afforded by anyone keeping in mind the style and of course safety concerns. Thanks,

Rajinder Soni

Monday, June 01, 2009

History of Ancient India - Natural boundaries

History of Ancient India - Do you think that people living in Punjab and Nothern India are Aryans and people living in Southern India are Dravidians?

From Himalayas to Kanyakumari and from Western to Eastern Ghats, India has a strong boundary since the Ancient times to till date but then also there were several invasions in India. Why?? There are many factors involved.....

Natural boundaries which provided security to Ancient India

Get detailed stats on traffic with Google Analytics and rev up your earnings

Google Analytics is a very useful tool provided by Google to check details of all the traffic coming to your sites. You can check each and everything. It is not necessary that you need a paid website to perform tracking of visitors but if you only have a free blog just like, you can check your detailed statistics and modify your blogs with highest paying keywords and increase your adsense revenue or money earned from different other affiliate programs. I found Google Analytics account really really useful and would recommend it to content writers and bloggers who are just beginners and even old ones. There is no harm in applying the tracking code to your website or blog rather it is extremely easy to do this. I am able to increase my earnings through Adsense and other affiliate programs and now I write articles using highest performing keywords which I got to know via my Google Analytics statistics.

How to get detailed stats on hub traffic and increase your earnings?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Use of MET technique in manipulative physiotherapy

MET is not appropriate for everybody in the sense, MET should be used only when the patient is very frail and cannot handle manipulation or if the patient is very old in late 60s or above and down slip gets corrected automatically when the person stands and needs no correction and with books to read check any manual therapy book or would suggest a real wonderful book which is not about manual therapy but has great text for dysfunctions ,which is diagnosis and text of movement impairment syndrome by SHIRLEY SAHARMANN.

Manipulative physiotherapy – What is MET technique?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Sukhoi Su30 MKi and B2B bomber stealth aircraft system works?

Do you know what is the real purpose of stealth? Yes it is shielding your warplane from the enemy's radar station so that when you are into the enemy's territory, the radar system cannot find you on its system. It is interesting to note that some radar systems are also able to detect stealth aircrafts but when an aircraft opens up its radar connection system for communication.......

Visual stealth detection is the latest technology in stealth warplanes. Read more through this great article

Stealth Aircrafts – How system works?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sukhoi Su-30 MKI - Purpose of Thrust Vectoring nozzle

This is my first edition explaining Sukhoi MKI's thrust vectoring system. If you want to know what is thrust vectoring?, what are the 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional thrust vectors?, How thrust vector nozzle is controlled? and which other warplanes are using thrust vector system why Sukhoi is the best for thrust vectoring system. Read on:

Sukhoi Su-30 MKI - Purpose of Thrust Vectoring

Thrust vectoring Sukhoi Su-30 MKI Part II

What makes thrust vector nozzle and maneuver unique to the Indian Sukhoi Su30 MKI and the Su-37 than American V-22 Osprey and Harrier is that it can be made possible because we can simply angle the thrust away from the direction of flight, reducing the effective component, so we don’t have to throttle down too much. Read more here:

Thrust vectoring Sukhoi Su-30 MKI Part II

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What to do after leaving a company?

1. Get your F&F or full and final settlement cleared. If possible get F&F clearance along with F&F details on mail or in form of a printout.
2. Make sure you have collected your Form 16 for income tax return filing purposes.
3. Keep writing follow-up mails to human resource support.

If possible don't go for a PF transfer to your new employer because that is extremely time consuming and you have to become the intermediate between the two companies, so it is better to withdraw your PF. Click the link below to know how to do that.

How to withdraw your provident fund or PF in India?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Secret missing link of Darwinius Masillae evolution revealed

I have written a new article today which everyone is writing and reading on the web. If you have time, go through it and unveil the secret missing link to our evolution.

It is all over the web, the search results on google for Darwinius Masillae has rised from meager 7842 links to Results 1 - 10 of about 12,900 for Darwinius Masillae. in (0.24 seconds) in 6 hours. Now you must know why it is important for you to be updated on this topic. Read below to unveil the facts.

Exaggerated emphasis by media on Darwinius Masillae

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Recommended only to a selected few - Happiness Movie Short Review 1998

Eleven brilliant movie reveiws from a great writer

The most disturbing scene I have ever come across in my life in a comedy film has to be the one in this film. The one where this character’s son ask him how he actually did with his friends and his dad explains to him completely in detail. I don’t know if I felt sorry for the guy or sorry for his son for the kind of pain he had gone through in school, but I do know I was really disturbed. My friend had initially told me about the scene beforehand but I did not feel much while listening but after watching it, I still feel numb inside. Yes this film has many such shocking, disturbing scenes along with characters who just harm each other and in the process find happiness in some way or the other. It’s a dark, dark film and I would not recommend to ones who are new to such kind of dark humour. Recommended only to a selected few.

My rating is 9.1/10

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fathers are very emotional

Having read this hub Are father's less emotional when taking care of babies? regarding fathers and mothers, I would say.. Fathers are very emotional. It is just that there is a difference, the way how we show our emotions and how a father shows his emotions.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Venus Movie Review – A Brilliant film

Six Great Hollywood movies in one hub

A film, which manages to capture loneliness and the desire to be young again so beautifully. I have not seen a single Peter O'Toole movie but I must tell you he is simply marvelous to watch (also the character has so many layers), the same can be said about Jodie Whittaker who dazzles with an equally subtle performance. The movie is about Maurice (an actor who wants to feel young again and who has not lost his desire for love even at such an old age. He sees his desire for youth coming to life after meeting Jessie) and Jessie (who Maurice calls VENUS is a confused teenager looking for work) both meet and fulfill their desires. By this, you may have already understood that the characters have so many layers. Also there are many scenes in the movie which are simply brilliant and touches you at the same time. It gives a correct and truthful portrait of human nature take for instance the scene where Venus asks Maurice what parts of her body does he wants to touch. Maurice looks into her eyes and replies each and every body part (in this scene Venus is shown with her face in light falling from the window). Maurice then asks her has she loved anybody and suddenly Venus moves back with her face shown in darkness (this scene shows the true nature of the character ). Such scenes make you look at the writer and the directors efforts to bring the characters to life. A must watch if you like watching character driven drama.

Death Proof Grindhouse Movie Review

Well I got the DVD print of Death Proof and not the entire movie but I am glad that I could at least catch up with it. Let me start with the positives .........first of all, I must say Kurt Russel was brilliant even though he had nothing to do, still you could feel his screen presence and secondly the way Taratino made a concept (there is absolutely no story) look so real with the way he brought all the characters alive (similar to what he did with pulp fiction, reservoir dogs but those had some stories to say). Here there is nothing but a guy trying to kill pretty girls with his car. Also the length could have been shorter anyways if you are looking for an all out action movie (which the trailers promised then you are in for a shock as this ones a character driven movie). Also I must add the chase sequence at the end was awesome, though I would still warn you do not go by the hype. Death proof is strictly average.

Six Great Hollywood movies in one hub

Fracture Movie Review- Six Great Hollywood movies in one hub

A smart thriller not in terms of the plot (which is somewhat good but I got the twist right at the start) still throughout the movie I never felt bored, as the movie was not only about the twist but also about the characters that were part of it. The script writer was smart enough to know that the plot would not surprise the audience but the chemistry might give it a bit more spice and that is what you see. The best part of the movie definitely is the constant leg pulling which Anthony Hopkins (does remind you a lot of Silence Of The Lambs but still its fun to watch) does on Ryan Gosling (brilliant and brought something new). I would not reveal much about the plot as its a thriller and I wont say the plot is outstanding but I would like to say that the movie is still fun to watch, especially due to the smart dialogues and performances.

Six Great Hollywood movies in one hub

House of Sand and Fog Movie Review

I would not say the movie is outstanding (well it could have been) but some parts of it never make sense hence it falls short. Still it has enough to hold you up and make you think. I especially loved the subject (a girl who loses her house to which she is emotionally attached). Another plus point of the movie has to be that no one comes out as bad, I mean each character is shown doing things which according to them is right is never shown as if this person is bad just because he took the house from her. Also Jennifer Connelly(those eyes .......... they say a lot and she uses them brilliantly to display her emotions ) and Ben Kingsley were simply outstanding in their respective roles. Watch this movie if you are their fans.

Six Great Hollywood movies in one hub

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Landing on Sun – Everything is possible

Landing on Sun - Is it impossible?

There was a time when saying that the "Earth is round" was considered without any "rational reasonability." Human beings' knowledge is too limited, and cannot be used to completely dismiss an idea as just "flight of fancy."

Everything we enjoy today, all technologies, were once considered to be nothing more than flight of fancy: 2000 years ago people saw lighting, but the idea that they would one day control electricity was insane, the idea of building a flying machine was insane, the idea of going into space was insane... Everything we have today would not exist if it was completely dismissed because people thought at one point that it was beyond "rational reasonability."

People hold on to their puny pathetic knowledge as if it was absolute truth and limited their ability to evolve because they can't see beyond the scope of what they already know. Thank God (whatever God is, if it is anything at all) that everyone in a while there comes someone who's not blinded by their narcissistic idea that they understand reality, when people haven't even gone beyond the limits of their own solar system.


Nobody has enough knowledge to dismiss an idea as pure flight of fancy or completely impossible... All we can do is say, "this CAN be done NOW" or "this CAN'T be done NOW."

Do everyone a favor and grow out of this pathetic idea that we have enough knowledge to be the judges of Truth.

I'm always studying things from different fields in order to find a greater understanding of the "big picture". Through time I have found that people who specialize in a specific field tend to become limited by the very knowledge that they pride themselves in.
Once you start to collect knowledge from all different fields of science, politics, economics, sociology, etc., you start to see connections that cannot be seen otherwise. You see the connection between a person's social life and laws of physics that are normally only applied to mechanics... You're able to see the world without the constraints of traditional thinking because instead of relying on understanding passed down to you and memorized through the years, you become able to see the connections for yourself.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not de-meriting people who are specialized in specific fields, as I must acknowledge the need for them. It's just not for me, I have this insatiable curiosity that can only be controlled by understanding these connections between different subjects, understanding how these different parts of the Universe fit and work together...
For example, what if I tell you that instead of living our lives for the purpose of satisfying our personal desires, we should instead set the priority to be the well being of humanity, because humanity is in itself a body, and each of us cells in that body, whose primary function is to contribute to the body, and whose primary source of resources comes from a healthy functioning body; that the very reason why we have so many crises is that the body is sick and we continually fail to fix it.

See, a simple, rational, plausible explanation to all problems that afflict humanity and a plausible solution, only possible through the connection between sociology and biology.

While the role of imaginative thinking can not be ruled out for the astonishing breakthrough in the knowledge of the man kind, it is also likely that every imagination may not come true. The example of flat earth and sun being center of universe is a proof of that. This also were imagined by then learned people but were proven wrong subsequently in the light of truth which in turn was found by people who thought out of box .. call it imagination if you wish. But the fact is that those few people observed the physical data and tried to make sense of it. They heavily depended on knowledge as they gathered rather than knowledge that was spread by way of belief of people by and large. while flat earth was pure imagination, the round earth was outcome of hard facts. While earth being center of universe was pure imagination, it not being so was based on hard facts. Now if selective examples are taken to prove all-time infallibility of imagination, then nothing can be ruled out and the said question can be answered in just one line .. some day may be. Can we ever go into a black hole and colonize it ... some day may be. Can we turn the oceans from salty to sweet ... some day may be. Now everything is possible if we keep supposing something or other whether it has any probability of being achievable or not as per current knowledge. It is true that knowledge itself is subjective and one can not say that what we know today is complete truth or end of it. However, when we have to ponder over some questions and try to find answers, we have to heavily depend on current knowledge and make a probabilistic guess as to the reasonability of the answer being true in reasonable period of time. We cannot define the world EVER and hence any question using this word becomes irrelevant for discussion.
Yes sure we can go there but it's another thing that we will never return.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I know what horror you did in Room 1408

1408 - Horror/Thriller. A debunker of paranormal occurrences encounters real terror when he checks into notorious room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel.

Overall rating 9/10. Watch this movie and feel the pain and fibrillations.

Do not enter Room 1408 - Best horror movie of all time

Grudge 2
Continuity of Grudge (original) where you know what the movie was such a letdown, I don't intend wasting time writing a review about it. If you want to waste money and get bored, I suggest you watch it. Somehow it never did any good for me, not even for a second.

Overall 5/10

Grind House - Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez each direct a one-hour segment in this horror collaboration.

* The Eye - Remake of the Japanese Horror Hit. Why do i want to watch it... only 1 reason.. Jessica Alba :-)))

Pans Labyrinth - horror/fantasy a fairy tale for grown ups which is said to be shit scary (wont come to india im sure) and is critically acclaimed at al movie fests

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friend Connect Service and Blog followers service by Google

I found this really amazing and wonderful service today on my blogger's dashboard and I am really amazed to see and use this service. I love blogging and writing my own articles and at the same time I love reading other blogs too which are really useful and help people in many ways. The most useful blogs and articles I consider are "how to" blogs and product and shopping reviews. I am myself fond of writing reviews which I do whenever I have some spare time. I am very thankful to google for providing a lot of services. Actually google is a place where you can find mail, blog service, search engine, video site, adsense and adwords type publisher and advertising tools, readers, google forums, social networking like orkut, chat, website optimization, docs, web albums by google, web history of our own google searches and many many more things all under one roof. The recent addition of blog following and friend connect service, google remains the top site in the world.

Through blog following service of google blogger, one can not only add blogspot blogs but even articles from other blogging sites on the net.

Now one can follow how many blogs he/she likes and get linked together with the like-minded people or blogs people have created on similar topics.

Following also helps blog visitors to get to the right link on the net at right time.

Thanks Google for once again providing such a wonderful service which is helping people all around the world.

Read the below link for more detail on this useful service:

Blogger Buzz: Friend Connect: Grow Your Blog's Community

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How I earn real money with hubpages? Personal experience

What is hubpages?
Hubpages is a very useful site, which helps people like you and me in various fields of life because over here you can write and read articles on different topics like health and nutrition, child care, car reviews, hobbies and DIY, how to manage sexual and personal relationships and many more things.

Earn money writing articles, join

Step by step instructions on how to start with your first hub at hubpages

1. You can start with publishing on any topic.

2. Write something on micosoft word file.

3. Then, click the button START A NEW HUB. Add a good attractive title and url will come up automatically. Leave it like it comes.

4. Select sections and categories and format, add some keywords like if your title is How to punch and develop power in punches, type in tags section: how to
power in punches

how to punch

Here is an example: How to punch and develop power in punches?

and then hit submit.

A new page will open up, read and hit continue, your skeleton article is ready.

5. Now copy and paste your article from word into your hub's edit text section.

6. Upload some images.

6. Press publish this.

7. Your hub is ready and is public now.

For more tips, I will write a new hub and please go through that. First of all do this.

Who I am and what I do?
I am Rajinder Soni living in New Delhi, India and working as a proofreader and senior editor in a medical transcription company for the last 10 years. Besides working in this field, I have been writing articles on for the last 2 year or so and I have earned 500 dollars up until from hubpages via Google Adsense check and my other earnings through hubpages of Amazon, Kontera, and Ebay are in the pot and will be paid to me by these companies in the upcoming months.

I started using Kontera on my hubs for the last 3 months and I have earned 16 dollars from it and the check will be processed once I reach the 100-dollar mark. Approximately same is the case with Amazon but Ebay is not performing very well on my hubs. It depends from a person to person. For example, some of my hubpages colleagues find Adsense working very well and some find Kontera working well on their hubs.

Why I have joined hubpages?
Writing is my hobby and I have joined hubpages to boost my writing skills and help people with several articles which are useful in our day to day life and beyond.

Other reason for my joining hubpages is that it gives me a long-term residual income option of earning money through Google Adsense ads, Kontera contextual text link ads, Ebay, and Amazon shopping sites which are legal and definitely pay their affiliates a good piece of share. I believe in hubpages as I believe in google, so I am going ahead and getting the word out of different topics which I want to share with people. I am answering hub requests on a daily basis and creating useful hubs for the growing internet community. You can also do the same. The plus point for your is that there will be a lot of feedback and appreciation from your hubpages colleagues when you will join hubpages.

Now you might be wondering how I am earning this money through these companies with the help of hubpages.

How I earn real money with hubpages?
Here it is: When you will join hubpages and create articles or hubs on hubpages, hubpages will provide you links to sign up with Google Adsense, Kontera, Amazon, and Ebay whose products and Google and Kontera ads will be displayed on your hubs and when people will visit your hubs and buy something or click on Google ads, you will get 60% share of that revenue from these companies through Paypal, ECS, or a check.

Earn money writing articles, join

Secret recipe of making more money

So the more high-quality articles you will write, the greater are your royalties through hubpages. Hubpages is a revenue stream that keeps on growing day by day, month by month, year by year.

So join hubpages, explore and enhance your creativity, and reap the real benefits.

Here is one example of my hub on hubpages:

A nice Fiat Linea with smooth engine in 7 lakhs INR


Share you personal experience with Hubpages in the comment section below. What do you do? Why you joined hubpages? How you earn money through hubpages?

Earn money writing articles, join

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Alto versus Spark

Hi friend,

I received a question today from one of my friends, Pankaj on hubpages that below 4 lakhs price tag, which one is better Maruti Alto or Chevrolet Spark? I have given the answer to him by publishing an article on the web, which I thought would help other people also from the internet community. Please provide your comments and feedback regarding these Indian cars comparisons.

If you are driving in a cities or metros like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. and most of the times, one or two people and want good mileage, then go for Alto, its cheaper also and being a Maruti product, is low on maintenance and upkeep.

My Alto is 5 years old now and gives 17 kmpl in Delhi. Though Alto is 800 cc, but its AC's air circulation is very good when compared to Maruti 800 cc AC.

If you want a sturdy car with some more power and space and for running fast, you can go for Spark. Spark is 40 K costlier than Alto’s model.

It is not a good package at all. It is almost as long as an Alto but yes it is wider and a more peppier engine, but still the price is too high for this car. Spark LT costs 4 lakhs on road...Maruti Alto vs Chevrolet Spark

Thats too much for a car of that size. Go for a Santro or Estilo LXi if your budget is 4 or above 4 lakhs INR.

So make a choice based on your requirements!

Visit the link below to read my full review of Alto vs Spark

Maruti Alto vs Chevrolet Spark - Below 4 lakhs INR Cars: "Below 4 lakhs price tag, which one is better Maruti Alto or Chevrolet Spark?"

Friday, March 06, 2009

Diesel Cars Specifications – Maruti Swift Diesel or Skoda Fabia

Do you think that Skoda Fabia will outperform Maruti Swift in sales in Indian Market? Do you agree that Maruti Suzuki has more service centers and better availability of spare parts than Skoda? Why Skoda has launched Fabia Active in the Indian market? Why Indian's buy Maruti cars more than any other cars?

Compare Maruti Swift Diesel with Skoda Fabia after even 5000 kilometers and believe me, it makes a huge difference, in fact listen to the Fabia’s engine at 500 kilometers and then at 2000 kilometers, the noise is down by half and the power up a few notches whereas the Swift, the noise is up by 50% and the power is not down, but comes rather smoothly than before, so getting rid of that surge feeling, you should get along with a brand new Maruti Swift Diesel.

To know more about Maruti Suzuki and its comparison with Skoda Fabia in more detail, visit:

Best Priced Diesel Car – Maruti Swift Diesel versus Skoda Fabia

Friday, February 20, 2009

Earn decent legitimate money for searching the net

Hi friend,

I am Rajinder Soni from New Delhi, and I am really thrillled before telling you that I have started using a great web search service that allows me to earn money from searching in my normal way. It`s quick and free to set up, keeps you up to date on your earnings and pays out monthly.

How to earn money searching the net?

Friends use this search engine and join this link. I am telling you my bhabhi who lives one floor above ours has got her first payment using this search engine and even I have earned money through google and I have checked out that this service is not a scam or fraud and it pays real money just for searching through it. It is not that you cannot use google. I have joined today and I am able to search through google also.

Take care... Happy Money EARNING.

How to prevent virus infection through the pen drive?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BioShock PC Game Review by 2K Boston/2K Australia

Hi video game lovers,

Do you remember Irrational Games company which is know known as 2k games, 2k Boston, 2k Australia, and 2k Marin. Yes, this company has developed BioShock computer game which is really awesome and suberb. I play this game whenever I get time as I like it the most. I play other games also but this is my best as I love adventure. So in order to read how I play this game, read the article through the link below which I have created today. Believe me dear, the water effects are really marvellous and you will be stunned by the visuals. I rate it 10, lets see what you say. I welcome comments from your side.

Short review on 2K Boston/2K Australia’s BioShock PC Game

Short Review on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Las Vegas Xbox 360

If you are a game lover, you must have heard about the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas for Xbox 360 video game. Yes, this game is really fantastic, its an action game packed with fine zoobercool graphics and well organized display. It looks really realistic and the hybrid game play works wonders. I have played the game and I know its worth. I would recommend go ahead and give it a try. Mark my words, it will be worth your money.

For a complete review on this game, read the article by clicking the hubpages link below and I have also provided ratings from my side. You can also provide your ratings and comments over here or in the link below after going through the game.

Full Review on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Las Vegas for Xbox 360