Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BioShock PC Game Review by 2K Boston/2K Australia

Hi video game lovers,

Do you remember Irrational Games company which is know known as 2k games, 2k Boston, 2k Australia, and 2k Marin. Yes, this company has developed BioShock computer game which is really awesome and suberb. I play this game whenever I get time as I like it the most. I play other games also but this is my best as I love adventure. So in order to read how I play this game, read the article through the link below which I have created today. Believe me dear, the water effects are really marvellous and you will be stunned by the visuals. I rate it 10, lets see what you say. I welcome comments from your side.

Short review on 2K Boston/2K Australia’s BioShock PC Game

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