Saturday, March 07, 2009

Alto versus Spark

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I received a question today from one of my friends, Pankaj on hubpages that below 4 lakhs price tag, which one is better Maruti Alto or Chevrolet Spark? I have given the answer to him by publishing an article on the web, which I thought would help other people also from the internet community. Please provide your comments and feedback regarding these Indian cars comparisons.

If you are driving in a cities or metros like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. and most of the times, one or two people and want good mileage, then go for Alto, its cheaper also and being a Maruti product, is low on maintenance and upkeep.

My Alto is 5 years old now and gives 17 kmpl in Delhi. Though Alto is 800 cc, but its AC's air circulation is very good when compared to Maruti 800 cc AC.

If you want a sturdy car with some more power and space and for running fast, you can go for Spark. Spark is 40 K costlier than Alto’s model.

It is not a good package at all. It is almost as long as an Alto but yes it is wider and a more peppier engine, but still the price is too high for this car. Spark LT costs 4 lakhs on road...Maruti Alto vs Chevrolet Spark

Thats too much for a car of that size. Go for a Santro or Estilo LXi if your budget is 4 or above 4 lakhs INR.

So make a choice based on your requirements!

Visit the link below to read my full review of Alto vs Spark

Maruti Alto vs Chevrolet Spark - Below 4 lakhs INR Cars: "Below 4 lakhs price tag, which one is better Maruti Alto or Chevrolet Spark?"

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Maruti Alto 800 said...

Maruti 800 is a legendary car that has been in the showrooms for more than 30 years. The car is brilliant piece of automotive engineering and is still being sold in a number of cities and towns. So according to me Alto is the best option.