Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Death Proof Grindhouse Movie Review

Well I got the DVD print of Death Proof and not the entire movie but I am glad that I could at least catch up with it. Let me start with the positives .........first of all, I must say Kurt Russel was brilliant even though he had nothing to do, still you could feel his screen presence and secondly the way Taratino made a concept (there is absolutely no story) look so real with the way he brought all the characters alive (similar to what he did with pulp fiction, reservoir dogs but those had some stories to say). Here there is nothing but a guy trying to kill pretty girls with his car. Also the length could have been shorter anyways if you are looking for an all out action movie (which the trailers promised then you are in for a shock as this ones a character driven movie). Also I must add the chase sequence at the end was awesome, though I would still warn you do not go by the hype. Death proof is strictly average.

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