Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fracture Movie Review- Six Great Hollywood movies in one hub

A smart thriller not in terms of the plot (which is somewhat good but I got the twist right at the start) still throughout the movie I never felt bored, as the movie was not only about the twist but also about the characters that were part of it. The script writer was smart enough to know that the plot would not surprise the audience but the chemistry might give it a bit more spice and that is what you see. The best part of the movie definitely is the constant leg pulling which Anthony Hopkins (does remind you a lot of Silence Of The Lambs but still its fun to watch) does on Ryan Gosling (brilliant and brought something new). I would not reveal much about the plot as its a thriller and I wont say the plot is outstanding but I would like to say that the movie is still fun to watch, especially due to the smart dialogues and performances.

Six Great Hollywood movies in one hub

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