Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Venus Movie Review – A Brilliant film

Six Great Hollywood movies in one hub

A film, which manages to capture loneliness and the desire to be young again so beautifully. I have not seen a single Peter O'Toole movie but I must tell you he is simply marvelous to watch (also the character has so many layers), the same can be said about Jodie Whittaker who dazzles with an equally subtle performance. The movie is about Maurice (an actor who wants to feel young again and who has not lost his desire for love even at such an old age. He sees his desire for youth coming to life after meeting Jessie) and Jessie (who Maurice calls VENUS is a confused teenager looking for work) both meet and fulfill their desires. By this, you may have already understood that the characters have so many layers. Also there are many scenes in the movie which are simply brilliant and touches you at the same time. It gives a correct and truthful portrait of human nature take for instance the scene where Venus asks Maurice what parts of her body does he wants to touch. Maurice looks into her eyes and replies each and every body part (in this scene Venus is shown with her face in light falling from the window). Maurice then asks her has she loved anybody and suddenly Venus moves back with her face shown in darkness (this scene shows the true nature of the character ). Such scenes make you look at the writer and the directors efforts to bring the characters to life. A must watch if you like watching character driven drama.

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