Saturday, May 02, 2009

Recommended only to a selected few - Happiness Movie Short Review 1998

Eleven brilliant movie reveiws from a great writer

The most disturbing scene I have ever come across in my life in a comedy film has to be the one in this film. The one where this character’s son ask him how he actually did with his friends and his dad explains to him completely in detail. I don’t know if I felt sorry for the guy or sorry for his son for the kind of pain he had gone through in school, but I do know I was really disturbed. My friend had initially told me about the scene beforehand but I did not feel much while listening but after watching it, I still feel numb inside. Yes this film has many such shocking, disturbing scenes along with characters who just harm each other and in the process find happiness in some way or the other. It’s a dark, dark film and I would not recommend to ones who are new to such kind of dark humour. Recommended only to a selected few.

My rating is 9.1/10

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