Thursday, July 30, 2009

Large population a blessing or a curse

The US shivers in its boots as the baby boomers, the "bulge" in its population starts retiring at the age of 60. Graying populations are a huge fear for everyone from governments to insurance companies.

OECD Governments fear quantum changes in demographics as some of its most experienced and productive workers retire and have to be supported by existing social security nets or non-existent ones. While countries like Germany, Italy and Japan are already facing these crises, countries like the US and other western European countries are getting ready to face the challenge. Not only does the productive group reduce, the economics makes immigration inevitable leading to other social pressures.

By 2035 China faces the ignominious inevitability of having a graying population but still falling under the "developing nation" tag, as it isn't slated to be "developed" until late this century. This is primarily due to its "one child" policy.

India which isn't slated to be "developed" in this century at all cannot afford to have disastrous demographic policies.

As for the "right" or the "wrong" people, lets not be judgmental about who is "right" to have children and who isn't; it is a cycle. As the wealthier sections of society have less children, the children of the poorer sections of society will step into the shoes that have been vacated. Which makes it all the more imperative to build an excellent education system that prepares them for this inevitability. Read more:

Are large populations a blessing or a curse for a nation?

Friday, July 17, 2009

How to manage office politics

Office politics is a very common problem and it is not only you who are having with this problem but everyone in the working class some time or other in his/her life has this problem. Now you know that this problem is everywhere and you are stressed out that I WILL CHANGE MY JOB or I WILL KICK OR PUNCH THE PERSON WHO HAS DONE WRONG WITH ME but no it is not a solution for this problem. The problem can be the same in your next job or office also. Then what you do.

Actually, I have the SOLUTION and the solution is my old friend Amit Luthra who has written a nice comprehensive well detailed article today which I am going to share with you because I want everyone to tackle this problem right THERE.

Amit has not only detailed and catogarized all the problems like BACKSTABBING, BLAMING, CREDIT STEALING, COMPLAINING but has also provided very good solutions termed as COUNTERATTACKS in his hub.

So here is the hub. How to manage office politics

Go ahead and read it to not only manage office politics but also control them diplomatically forever.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Treating Cancer in a natural way

My mother had stage III uterine cancer at the time her cancer was diagnosed. I was in 12th class at that time and me and my father did every effort to save her with radiation treatment to chemotherapy, from using preventing spread of cancer injections to medications, from extra injectable vitamins to everything we could do, but we were not able to save her. She died 12 years back on March 11 1997 leaving us all alone in this world. We all loved her a lot but were unable to save her but now after 12 years, I would like to see patients suffering from cancer getting rid of it. It does not mean that there was no cure for cancer at that time also but it was our own fate that we did not know how to prevent its further spread and how to make her live. Everyone says it is in God's hands and I agree but yes there are also cures available which I have listed in this article:

Natural Treatments for Cancer

I wish that one day cancer disease will become curable just like polio and tuberculosis in which injections are administered to newborns to prevent the baby from having that disease in his/her lifetime. I know about a vaccine which is the news nowadays in order to prevent cervical cancer and its name is Gardasil I guess.

So I think that day is not far when a vaccine for preventing cancer completely will be made and administered to the newborns so that no baby in this world will have cancer and it will eradicated from our lives and society.

You can also read this:

Gentle and non toxic treatment of cancer is not only possible but this person has done the same for over three thousand cancer patients in the past eight Years. You can join his crusade. Click Here! You can help people avoid the barbaric chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and surgery which kills a cancer patient early than anything and the doctors at the end only say, We were not able to save your mother because the cancer had spread all over her body".

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Advice for chronic neck pain and what is compression neuropathy

Advice for a patient suffering from chronic neck pain

Compression neuropathies

It is a well-known fact that compression neuropathies in upper extremities are really common which are recognized frequently. The prevalence of combination of morbid and common obesity in aging population suggests the problem of upper extremity compression neuropathy will rise up in the next 10 years. In 1990s, etiologic relation between occupation and nerve compression disorders was really controversial but nowadays existence of multilevel neural compression is generally recognized, but work-relatedness of these conditions is still debated.

Except for significant exposure to vibration and some specific occupations with a high incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is generally accepted that work is just one component of many factors that contributes to and aggravate compression neuropathy.

As compared with other compression neuropathies in the upper extremity, carpal tunnel syndrome, in general, is managed less successfully with nonoperative treatment.

The surgeon who treats nerve compression of the upper extremities should be aware of many other neurologic problems, for example Parsonage-Turner syndrome, brachial plexus neuritis, motor neuropathies, and mononeuritis which can mimic or correlate to entrapment neuropathies and mostly do not respond to surgical procedures.

In a recent survey, it has been found that there is a group of individuals who are sensitive to development of compression neuropathies genetically. Some systemic factors including diabetes, obesity and thyroid disease have found to be related to these problems.

Pathophysiology Of Chronic Nerve Compression

Clinical presentation of patients having chronic nerve compression is variable and it reflects broad-spectrum histopathologic changes that may occur in the nerve.

In some patients with associated morbidity, neural tissue biopsy could not be performed and most of the knowledge and info about histopathology of human compression neuropathies is estimated from animal models.

Some studies done by renowned medical practitioners suggest neural ischemia contributing to nerve compressions; however, many of these studies reflect acute changes, which occur with compression. Many animal models have been shown that use different types of techniques to induce chronic nerve compression, but there is a concern about the potential for Silastic to induce reactive effects on a nerve. The histologic changes seen in the Silastic cuff model are essentially identical to those seen in the few histologic studies of chronic nerve compression that have been published.

Medical researchers have reported limited tissue reaction around the silicone tubes 1 year after human nerve repairs. The continuum of neural changes that occur will depend on the force of compression and the duration of compression. The histopathologic changes that occur with chronic nerve compression begin with breakdown in the blood-nerve barrier, followed by endoneurial edema and, subsequently, by perineurial thickening. Increased endoneurial pressure will result in changes in the microneural circulation and render the nerve susceptible to dynamic ischemia. With increased compression, there will be localized demyelination, followed by more diffuse demyelination and finally axonal degeneration. Neural changes may not occur uniformly across the nerve and may vary depending on the distribution of compressive forces across the nerve. Superficial fascicles will undergo changes sooner and may result in varying patient symptoms within a single nerve distribution.

Pathophysiology Of Chronic Nerve Compression

For example, in early carpal tunnel syndrome, the superficial fascicles to the long finger and ring finger are usually affected before the fascicles to the thumb and radial side of the index finger. Patient sensory complaints will generally parallel the histopathologic neural changes and will progress from intermittent paresthesia to persistent numbness.

Sensory testing will also vary with the degree of nerve compression. Initially, patients will have alteration in threshold measures and, with more severe nerve compression, will progress to deficits in two-point discrimination.

London Olympics 2012

How successful will be London Olympics 2012?

The London Olympics will be really successful because of large redevelopment of most-deprived areas of east London. People and sponsors are investing tens of billions of money into the region where Olympics is going to be held and all these combined together will totally redevelop the area and it will ready for modern urban life.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Is Honda Jazz costly for 7.62 lakh INR on road?

Is Honda Jazz costly for 7.62 lakh INR on road?

Honda says there is no competitor of the Jazz in the Indian market and Honda has started a new segment.

Honda Jazz is overpriced but I have read over here that the cabin and
boot space is excellent. It is almost 80% of the new City. Its almost a sedan and much bigger than a hatch. But the price does suck. Too pricey.

torque is poor in MPFi petrol engines and also MPFi gives starting troubles but in turbo direct petrol injection engine u don't have to revv high to get peak torque, usually GDi engines generates peak torque in 1800-3500RPM band thus saves fuel and keeps engine stress free, but problem is if GDi replace old MPFi then petrol and diesel car will cost same

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

How to think and B positive all the time?

How to think and B all the time?

Unexplained forces

Whatever mind exercises you will do, you will first face these forces, I said unexplained because its not even proven through science yet but they exist.

The first one is your WILL POWER or the power of Will.

The other one is your POWER OF BELIEF or we call FAITH in other words. These two forces are the most important forces of your mind and have a strong relationship between each other.

The third one as we proceed is your IMAGINATION POWER or the power of your imagination.

Fourth is your Self Confidence. It is too important in your daily life.

The fifth one is your POWER OF SUGGESTION, which means how you perceive and deal with people in different situations.

Last and the sixth one is your CONCENTRATION POWER.

If you are able to control over all the above forces, then you can easily do mind power exercises, which include telepathy to hypnotism.

Emotional Intelligence also plays a vital role in your daily life. If you are able to understand these forces and really get to know how they work, then you can grasp others in just one finger. Nobody would be able to stop you.