Friday, August 21, 2009

Treatment for painful vericose veins

TREATMENT for vericose veins

* Self-Help (general).

* Avoid sitting or standing still for long periods.

If your job or daily life are sedentary, you have to bend your legs and ankles often, stand up and walk. At the end of the day, will help alleviate any swelling, elevate the legs a few centimeters above the heart (eg, lying).

Regular exercise (walking, cycling, swimming) decreases the pressure in the veins and relieves discomfort.

Average compression. Provide immediate relief and long-lasting, to compress the varices and thus improving venous return. Usually designed so that the maximum compression is around your ankles and calves. May also be indicated in pregnancy.


Surgery. Varicose veins can be removed through surgery, which should include the excision of the vein and its largest tributary or collateral. The long-term benefit for patients is very high. Surgery is usually complemented by the sclerosis of varicose veins.

Sclerosis of varices. For varicose small but unacceptable aesthetic effect, is generally used a technique that is injected directly into a varicose superficial venules each chemical that produces an inflammation of the venules, which then is followed by scarring (sclerosis) of the same. The technique usually includes multiple sessions. If successful, it is virtually painless and free from complications.

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