Saturday, December 05, 2009

Is Paypal Wishlist a SCAM? Countries eligible for payment

s PayPal WishList a SCAM or not?

I am pretty sure that this Paypal Wishlist application is not a fraud or scam because if it is, facebook will lose its trust on millions of users using its applications and other products for social networking or for business plus facebook’s share prices would go down if that happens.

Countries eligible for payment (1 dollar per friend up to 100 dollars) for just downloading this PayPal WishList Application via Facebook are India, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Is Paypal Wishlist a SCAM?

Have you ever thought that why paypal has been paying 1 dollar to each person just for signing up with the paypal wishlist? It is because many of our facebook friends have to create a paypal account yet and if paypal is able to get merchants sign in and start doing business with paypal or use paypal, paypal will earn.

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