Friday, March 06, 2009

Diesel Cars Specifications – Maruti Swift Diesel or Skoda Fabia

Do you think that Skoda Fabia will outperform Maruti Swift in sales in Indian Market? Do you agree that Maruti Suzuki has more service centers and better availability of spare parts than Skoda? Why Skoda has launched Fabia Active in the Indian market? Why Indian's buy Maruti cars more than any other cars?

Compare Maruti Swift Diesel with Skoda Fabia after even 5000 kilometers and believe me, it makes a huge difference, in fact listen to the Fabia’s engine at 500 kilometers and then at 2000 kilometers, the noise is down by half and the power up a few notches whereas the Swift, the noise is up by 50% and the power is not down, but comes rather smoothly than before, so getting rid of that surge feeling, you should get along with a brand new Maruti Swift Diesel.

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