Thursday, March 12, 2009

How I earn real money with hubpages? Personal experience

What is hubpages?
Hubpages is a very useful site, which helps people like you and me in various fields of life because over here you can write and read articles on different topics like health and nutrition, child care, car reviews, hobbies and DIY, how to manage sexual and personal relationships and many more things.

Earn money writing articles, join

Step by step instructions on how to start with your first hub at hubpages

1. You can start with publishing on any topic.

2. Write something on micosoft word file.

3. Then, click the button START A NEW HUB. Add a good attractive title and url will come up automatically. Leave it like it comes.

4. Select sections and categories and format, add some keywords like if your title is How to punch and develop power in punches, type in tags section: how to
power in punches

how to punch

Here is an example: How to punch and develop power in punches?

and then hit submit.

A new page will open up, read and hit continue, your skeleton article is ready.

5. Now copy and paste your article from word into your hub's edit text section.

6. Upload some images.

6. Press publish this.

7. Your hub is ready and is public now.

For more tips, I will write a new hub and please go through that. First of all do this.

Who I am and what I do?
I am Rajinder Soni living in New Delhi, India and working as a proofreader and senior editor in a medical transcription company for the last 10 years. Besides working in this field, I have been writing articles on for the last 2 year or so and I have earned 500 dollars up until from hubpages via Google Adsense check and my other earnings through hubpages of Amazon, Kontera, and Ebay are in the pot and will be paid to me by these companies in the upcoming months.

I started using Kontera on my hubs for the last 3 months and I have earned 16 dollars from it and the check will be processed once I reach the 100-dollar mark. Approximately same is the case with Amazon but Ebay is not performing very well on my hubs. It depends from a person to person. For example, some of my hubpages colleagues find Adsense working very well and some find Kontera working well on their hubs.

Why I have joined hubpages?
Writing is my hobby and I have joined hubpages to boost my writing skills and help people with several articles which are useful in our day to day life and beyond.

Other reason for my joining hubpages is that it gives me a long-term residual income option of earning money through Google Adsense ads, Kontera contextual text link ads, Ebay, and Amazon shopping sites which are legal and definitely pay their affiliates a good piece of share. I believe in hubpages as I believe in google, so I am going ahead and getting the word out of different topics which I want to share with people. I am answering hub requests on a daily basis and creating useful hubs for the growing internet community. You can also do the same. The plus point for your is that there will be a lot of feedback and appreciation from your hubpages colleagues when you will join hubpages.

Now you might be wondering how I am earning this money through these companies with the help of hubpages.

How I earn real money with hubpages?
Here it is: When you will join hubpages and create articles or hubs on hubpages, hubpages will provide you links to sign up with Google Adsense, Kontera, Amazon, and Ebay whose products and Google and Kontera ads will be displayed on your hubs and when people will visit your hubs and buy something or click on Google ads, you will get 60% share of that revenue from these companies through Paypal, ECS, or a check.

Earn money writing articles, join

Secret recipe of making more money

So the more high-quality articles you will write, the greater are your royalties through hubpages. Hubpages is a revenue stream that keeps on growing day by day, month by month, year by year.

So join hubpages, explore and enhance your creativity, and reap the real benefits.

Here is one example of my hub on hubpages:

A nice Fiat Linea with smooth engine in 7 lakhs INR


Share you personal experience with Hubpages in the comment section below. What do you do? Why you joined hubpages? How you earn money through hubpages?

Earn money writing articles, join