Friday, March 13, 2009

Friend Connect Service and Blog followers service by Google

I found this really amazing and wonderful service today on my blogger's dashboard and I am really amazed to see and use this service. I love blogging and writing my own articles and at the same time I love reading other blogs too which are really useful and help people in many ways. The most useful blogs and articles I consider are "how to" blogs and product and shopping reviews. I am myself fond of writing reviews which I do whenever I have some spare time. I am very thankful to google for providing a lot of services. Actually google is a place where you can find mail, blog service, search engine, video site, adsense and adwords type publisher and advertising tools, readers, google forums, social networking like orkut, chat, website optimization, docs, web albums by google, web history of our own google searches and many many more things all under one roof. The recent addition of blog following and friend connect service, google remains the top site in the world.

Through blog following service of google blogger, one can not only add blogspot blogs but even articles from other blogging sites on the net.

Now one can follow how many blogs he/she likes and get linked together with the like-minded people or blogs people have created on similar topics.

Following also helps blog visitors to get to the right link on the net at right time.

Thanks Google for once again providing such a wonderful service which is helping people all around the world.

Read the below link for more detail on this useful service:

Blogger Buzz: Friend Connect: Grow Your Blog's Community