Thursday, April 09, 2009

Landing on Sun – Everything is possible

Landing on Sun - Is it impossible?

There was a time when saying that the "Earth is round" was considered without any "rational reasonability." Human beings' knowledge is too limited, and cannot be used to completely dismiss an idea as just "flight of fancy."

Everything we enjoy today, all technologies, were once considered to be nothing more than flight of fancy: 2000 years ago people saw lighting, but the idea that they would one day control electricity was insane, the idea of building a flying machine was insane, the idea of going into space was insane... Everything we have today would not exist if it was completely dismissed because people thought at one point that it was beyond "rational reasonability."

People hold on to their puny pathetic knowledge as if it was absolute truth and limited their ability to evolve because they can't see beyond the scope of what they already know. Thank God (whatever God is, if it is anything at all) that everyone in a while there comes someone who's not blinded by their narcissistic idea that they understand reality, when people haven't even gone beyond the limits of their own solar system.


Nobody has enough knowledge to dismiss an idea as pure flight of fancy or completely impossible... All we can do is say, "this CAN be done NOW" or "this CAN'T be done NOW."

Do everyone a favor and grow out of this pathetic idea that we have enough knowledge to be the judges of Truth.

I'm always studying things from different fields in order to find a greater understanding of the "big picture". Through time I have found that people who specialize in a specific field tend to become limited by the very knowledge that they pride themselves in.
Once you start to collect knowledge from all different fields of science, politics, economics, sociology, etc., you start to see connections that cannot be seen otherwise. You see the connection between a person's social life and laws of physics that are normally only applied to mechanics... You're able to see the world without the constraints of traditional thinking because instead of relying on understanding passed down to you and memorized through the years, you become able to see the connections for yourself.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not de-meriting people who are specialized in specific fields, as I must acknowledge the need for them. It's just not for me, I have this insatiable curiosity that can only be controlled by understanding these connections between different subjects, understanding how these different parts of the Universe fit and work together...
For example, what if I tell you that instead of living our lives for the purpose of satisfying our personal desires, we should instead set the priority to be the well being of humanity, because humanity is in itself a body, and each of us cells in that body, whose primary function is to contribute to the body, and whose primary source of resources comes from a healthy functioning body; that the very reason why we have so many crises is that the body is sick and we continually fail to fix it.

See, a simple, rational, plausible explanation to all problems that afflict humanity and a plausible solution, only possible through the connection between sociology and biology.

While the role of imaginative thinking can not be ruled out for the astonishing breakthrough in the knowledge of the man kind, it is also likely that every imagination may not come true. The example of flat earth and sun being center of universe is a proof of that. This also were imagined by then learned people but were proven wrong subsequently in the light of truth which in turn was found by people who thought out of box .. call it imagination if you wish. But the fact is that those few people observed the physical data and tried to make sense of it. They heavily depended on knowledge as they gathered rather than knowledge that was spread by way of belief of people by and large. while flat earth was pure imagination, the round earth was outcome of hard facts. While earth being center of universe was pure imagination, it not being so was based on hard facts. Now if selective examples are taken to prove all-time infallibility of imagination, then nothing can be ruled out and the said question can be answered in just one line .. some day may be. Can we ever go into a black hole and colonize it ... some day may be. Can we turn the oceans from salty to sweet ... some day may be. Now everything is possible if we keep supposing something or other whether it has any probability of being achievable or not as per current knowledge. It is true that knowledge itself is subjective and one can not say that what we know today is complete truth or end of it. However, when we have to ponder over some questions and try to find answers, we have to heavily depend on current knowledge and make a probabilistic guess as to the reasonability of the answer being true in reasonable period of time. We cannot define the world EVER and hence any question using this word becomes irrelevant for discussion.
Yes sure we can go there but it's another thing that we will never return.