Wednesday, July 01, 2009

How to think and B positive all the time?

How to think and B all the time?

Unexplained forces

Whatever mind exercises you will do, you will first face these forces, I said unexplained because its not even proven through science yet but they exist.

The first one is your WILL POWER or the power of Will.

The other one is your POWER OF BELIEF or we call FAITH in other words. These two forces are the most important forces of your mind and have a strong relationship between each other.

The third one as we proceed is your IMAGINATION POWER or the power of your imagination.

Fourth is your Self Confidence. It is too important in your daily life.

The fifth one is your POWER OF SUGGESTION, which means how you perceive and deal with people in different situations.

Last and the sixth one is your CONCENTRATION POWER.

If you are able to control over all the above forces, then you can easily do mind power exercises, which include telepathy to hypnotism.

Emotional Intelligence also plays a vital role in your daily life. If you are able to understand these forces and really get to know how they work, then you can grasp others in just one finger. Nobody would be able to stop you.