Thursday, July 16, 2009

Treating Cancer in a natural way

My mother had stage III uterine cancer at the time her cancer was diagnosed. I was in 12th class at that time and me and my father did every effort to save her with radiation treatment to chemotherapy, from using preventing spread of cancer injections to medications, from extra injectable vitamins to everything we could do, but we were not able to save her. She died 12 years back on March 11 1997 leaving us all alone in this world. We all loved her a lot but were unable to save her but now after 12 years, I would like to see patients suffering from cancer getting rid of it. It does not mean that there was no cure for cancer at that time also but it was our own fate that we did not know how to prevent its further spread and how to make her live. Everyone says it is in God's hands and I agree but yes there are also cures available which I have listed in this article:

Natural Treatments for Cancer

I wish that one day cancer disease will become curable just like polio and tuberculosis in which injections are administered to newborns to prevent the baby from having that disease in his/her lifetime. I know about a vaccine which is the news nowadays in order to prevent cervical cancer and its name is Gardasil I guess.

So I think that day is not far when a vaccine for preventing cancer completely will be made and administered to the newborns so that no baby in this world will have cancer and it will eradicated from our lives and society.

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Gentle and non toxic treatment of cancer is not only possible but this person has done the same for over three thousand cancer patients in the past eight Years. You can join his crusade. Click Here! You can help people avoid the barbaric chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and surgery which kills a cancer patient early than anything and the doctors at the end only say, We were not able to save your mother because the cancer had spread all over her body".