Friday, July 17, 2009

How to manage office politics

Office politics is a very common problem and it is not only you who are having with this problem but everyone in the working class some time or other in his/her life has this problem. Now you know that this problem is everywhere and you are stressed out that I WILL CHANGE MY JOB or I WILL KICK OR PUNCH THE PERSON WHO HAS DONE WRONG WITH ME but no it is not a solution for this problem. The problem can be the same in your next job or office also. Then what you do.

Actually, I have the SOLUTION and the solution is my old friend Amit Luthra who has written a nice comprehensive well detailed article today which I am going to share with you because I want everyone to tackle this problem right THERE.

Amit has not only detailed and catogarized all the problems like BACKSTABBING, BLAMING, CREDIT STEALING, COMPLAINING but has also provided very good solutions termed as COUNTERATTACKS in his hub.

So here is the hub. How to manage office politics

Go ahead and read it to not only manage office politics but also control them diplomatically forever.