Friday, December 18, 2009

Sex before marriage

For some the sex before marriage is something natural and a biological need and for others it is quite complex and is respectful to the point of not thinking in such a practice before marriage. In your opinion, sex before marriage is natural? or better is expected to link marriage? Talk and expose, as your opinion is important.

In my opinion, sex before marriage is wrong attitude more than a couple who wants a communion with God can make for you. People usually think it's ridiculous, what the media says boyfriends are already practicing sex before marriage, it is natural for them and for those who prefer to wait until the wedding in most cases are considered "fools". Do not be influenced by these people! Sex before marriage is totally against the will of God, do not spoil your future, why wait, be patient. After all the sex was created by God and is something very holy when it is done in divine or after marriage.

Sex is everything, when there is love and nothing without love. The rest, as if two people love and will marry, is a matter of conscience. Each has its own part to play. I will not say: Go on and cross. Anything that does not come from faith is sin. Not the thing itself, but by practicing without the endorsement of consciousness, which is the peace of faith. I would not have problems. But I only speak for me. Some people make a distinction between day and day, from food and food. For me all days are equal, and by the action of Grace, all foods are sanctified. Sorry, just what I can tell you. What it pass, then the answer I gave so clear that it is unwilling to take responsibility at least to decide. There would be a healthy little triangle. Sin is what God places. And without faith nothing pleases God. And the faith has to be his, not mine. I saw someone asking questions of personal questions? I believe, and live with the consequences, and never ask the complicity of anyone.

The Bible speaks much of the dissolution. However, the dissolution sex does not hurt God. God does not grow and not diminish anything of what to do or to leave with my life, much less with my genitals. The dissolution is sin only because it is evil to man. To be diluted. Take the essence, the solution inside. Hence, there is dissolution. And this barely affects the person practicing. God is not minor. And that evil is that which produces the dissolution? However, it leaves its diluted, pasty, unable to experience any form of love. Hence the losers cannot love and not be faithful to anyone. Not to mention that the proliferation of sexual experiences nobody experienced for life, for the link to the relationship. Just leave the individual with "one thousand memories" to compare and thus increases their dissatisfaction with a single partner, as he is always being referred to the fantasies of other times. I know that I advanced for each other. To others I face too. And I, what I think? Well, I'm not there! I know what I say is true, as the Spirit of the Word and according to what Jesus taught as being true before God.

Sex is something that any couple that wants love. Obvious. But everything has its time, its time. Prefer the sex after marriage is not be against him, but for much more than just sex.

Sex in marriage is like a conquest, both were together until the right moment. If this "victory" comes before marriage, was born a "satisfaction" that covers the expectation. Not good. Accommodate. What will the marriage was not before? What is new?

Therefore, each one decides. In addition it is a matter of obedience and intelligence. If who created, created to consolidate the marriage bond, to anticipate what things? And who anticipates, knows more than who created? I think not.
Sex, yes! Certainly. But agree: Everything has its time! Including sex.

Some people say that the stay, which ended with the call of family, marriage, others say it is having sex with the person, who knows, and does not disappoint married before, I have heard many women saying that. I am not here to judge either of these two sides, but I would like to know the view vcs in this regard. think if two people have sex frequently, you know the other better and it makes the marriage has more chance to make right?

Attract, meet, seduce women

How to attract, meet, and seduce women??

TIP #4 - If you have a moustache, be sure and keep it short and neatly trimmed. Women are turned off by long moustaches that invade their nostrils during kissing. Also, keep it clean and don't let it collect food, haahahaah kidding.

Justify second marriage

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Months passed by and then the fat wife and the slim wife... SLIM WIFE? ... hey buddy, there aint no slim ladies around here ... !!!

The engineer got used to his new WIFE STYLE ...

So now the second marriage is justified.

Men better than women

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There are some more aspects in men besides what you have displayed in your album and that are:

1. If you will love him by heart, he will love you like anything.

2. If you want to become something in life, he will be at your back supporting you.

History of Sex in India - Kama also means emotional needs

Ancient History of Sex in India- Kaama Shastra
Kama also means emotional needs, so the debate was on emotional needs, and sex comes in the emotion brackets, now if you look at sex as any other emotional need, the debate had its merit in its own way.

Is Virginity tampered by Mastrubation?

Is Virginity tampered by Mastrubation?

There are many other ways including jumping, hopping, and sometimes while playing some outdoor games that a girl can break her hymen membrane accidentally without having sexual intercourse, but none of these activities including masturbation takes away a girl’s virginity.

Aggressive sexual behavior and media

Is media responsible for aggressive sexual behaviors?

There is a sexpert column in Mumbai mirror online in which people come up with their problems relating to sex. Once I read a girl asked "I have had sex with my ex-boyfriend and now I am getting married and I am scared my husband will come to know that my hymen is split, as I have had sex before.

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No, I am not in favor that an arranged marriage has a low divorce rate than love marriage. Divorce can happen in any type of marriage, be it love or arranged. I have seen a lot of my friends

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