Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Factoidz pays via paypal

Also earn 5 dollars via paypal per every 1000 views on your articles at so if you have published 100 articles and you have 1000 views on a daily basis, you earn 5 dollars per day. The more you write, more you earn. No need of adsense account creation as factoidz pays via paypal with minimum payment threshold of 0.50 cents. Join Factoidz and start earning now.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Withdrawal of PF amount

Actually, it is relevant to withdrawal of PF....I need your guidance.


Thanks for the mail Sheela. Read this
How to withdraw your provident fund or PF in India?

and go ahead and submit the form. Best of luck.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hubpages Marks the Spot Contest Review

Hubpages Marks the Spot Contest that started on September 1, 2010 is already over and I won 200 dollars. Until today, October 07, 2010 I have published 41 hubs for the contest including 32 for the bonus Doubloon topic, all are having the contest tags hmtswk1 and hmtswk2 and hmtswk3 and hmtswk4. Here are the links to some of those hubs:
Pet Friendly Hotel in Mumbai - Taj Mahal Palace and Towers in Mumbai
Best Pet Friendly Hotel in Udaipur - Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur
Best Pet Friendly Hotel In Hyderabad - Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad
Best Pet Friendly Hotel in Jaipur - Hotel Rambagh Palace in Jaipur
Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Delhi
Fine Dining In Delhi - Best Fine Dining Restaurants in CP Delhi
Where to Buy Best Art Jewelry in Delhi - Best Art Jewelry Shops in New Delhi
Won 50 dollar as Daily Doubloon Prize Writing on Art Spot in Delhi
Best Local Doll Art Spot in New Delhi - Doll Museum in Delhi
Best Amusement Park in Noida - Worlds of Wonder Noida
Best Family Friendly Five Star Hotel in Delhi
Tips for Traveling to Delhi - Visiting Historical Places of Delhi
Historical Monuments in Central Delhi - India Gate and Old Fort of Delhi
Best Shopping Mall in Delhi - Ansal Plaza South Delhi
Report Human Trafficking - Worldwide List of Anti Human Trafficking Organizations
Best Shopping Mall in Delhi - Ansal Plaza South Delhi
Report Human Trafficking - Worldwide List of Anti Human Trafficking Organizations
Buy Treadmill In Delhi - Buy Best Home Exercise Equipment in Delhi
Best Gyms in Delhi NCR - Gold Gyms in Delhi
Clean and Hygienic Public Conveniences in Delhi
Clean Public Toilet Cum Bathrooms in Delhi
Best Gynecologists in Delhi - Best Infertility Doctors in Delhi
Won 50 dollars as Daily Doubloon Drawing on Best Kebabs in Delhi
Where to Get Best Kebabs in Delhi - Best Kebab Shops in Old Delhi
Where To Find The Best Momos in Delhi?
Where to Get Best Street Food in Delhi, India?
Variety of Indian Cuisine - The Best Blend of Different Religions
Best Authentic Chinese Restaurants in South Delhi
Best Hangouts near Delhi University - North Campus Delights in Delhi
Best Nightclubs For College Hangouts in Five Star Hotels Delhi
Cheap and Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Delhi
Amritsar Restaurants - Where to Eat in Amritsar - Best Food in Amritsar
Best Italian Restaurant in Delhi - Big Chill Cafe in Khan Market
Best Disco Restaurants in Delhi NCR
Best Multicuisine Restaurant in Delhi - United Coffee House in CP
Surprise Holiday Gifts For Geeky Kids - Buying Best RC Toys For Kids

This is the right time to join hubpages and make money.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

CommonWealth Games 2010 and Indian Tourism

I agree that there is corruption in our system but they show (just
what they want)....where as these pictures are true too and must be
seen because they ARE part of the truth being told.

Also, I saw 5 of  the major venues yesterday including the games village and they are
all amazing, landscaping, roads leading towards the venue, Lights,
security, X-ray machines, Car scanners fitted inside the roads and
many more things which we haven't seen earlier in India. All awesome
and up to the International standards, even our CP, just go and have a
look at it in the night, surely you will feel proud to be a Delhite.
But our poor media, ya to babao ke peeche pad jati hai and only become
a critic and nothing else.

By the way, now it is time to make India proud internationally and for
this please give your votes here:

Check this out - You need to vote at Hubpages International Writers
Site. Just do two steps :

1. You need to join HubPages, An International Site for Writers, for
voting, - sign up - provide email address, choose password, etc. and
finished -

2. Now after joining HP, click this link and you will find an
article on McLeodganj - Best Weekend Destination Near Delhi - and
username soni2006. Choose the article - and press the CAST THE VOTE

That's it. This article and the username belongs the first person in
India who has reached this place and this is me. This will help bring
more tourists to India. More tourists means more money for the
Incredible India. I will keep on publishing articles for Indian Hill
Stations like McLeodganj. I am proud to be an Indian.

Jai Hind!!!

Read how to articles written by me here

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Frequency of submitting articles or links on

Namaskar Soni Ji,
I,m Subodh Mishra from Delhi. I liked your last article. It was very knowledgeable. In your last email you told me that I should submit my article on social networking site on consistent basis. Can you tell me after how much time should I resubmit same article on this site because I think that submit very frequently could spam my article by google and also by this social bookmarking site.


Don't submit the same article but keep on publishing more and submit
new ones every time. Slowly and slowly your reputation in google and
social bookmarking sites will improve and you will get a lot of loyal visitors and
gain massive traffic to your articles. Best of luck Subodh.

What is a Banno Kebab?

Banno kebab is a kebab which has two layers, the inside layer is the usual chicken tikka, and the outside layer is made of egg. It is also called Nafeesi kabab at some places. It was originally started by this place called Bhatti Kebab, right next to Flavorz.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Best Nightclubs For College Hangouts in Delhi Hotels

Best Nightclubs For College Hangouts in Delhi Hotels

I liked TCs but it's expensive alright close to the cost at Ruby Tuesday/TGIF. Bachchus was a bit seedy for me. Will try this place in GK.

Another problem in Delhi is that even pubs seem to have a problem with stag entry on weekends!! But then that is a problem I'll have to fix.

Sorry I'm still a bit nostalgic about Bangalore, but I got drinks for 100-150 for a cocktail in regular hours and taxes were on the lower side. The crowd was supper and music was nice too.

I would like to visit some cheap roof top restaurants though.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Unable to earn a single cent from hubpages

Saad Ur Rehman August 6 at 11:40pm via Facebook
Hello soni I m using hubpages since a week ago and writen many articles but I am unable to earn a single cent from hubpages. I have just impressions in my adsense account. I need your help please.
Hello Mr. Rehman, it will take some time before you will start earning money with hubpages. Just keep on writing articles from the heart and publishing them at least one article per day. A day will come when you will just write the same thing as I am writing for you for helping new hubbers. Have patience. You will earn and when you will earn, there will be no looking back. Just believe in the system.
Best of luck. I wish to Allah for your success.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Microsoft Will Pay You $243 SCAM BUSTED

Today, I received an email from a friend stating that Microsoft is sharing its fortune and is paying some amount of money to each person who will forward this email. Many people in the email have claimed that Microsoft has paid them some money, some say they got 10000 dollars, some say they got 12, 101 dollars.

My reply to the email: You have got money. Will you get money. No not at all. THIS IS A FAKE EMAIL. I hate these scams, especially email ones. The worst thing is that your trusted friends (without knowing the truth) put your email on it and BAM, you are part of their email spam network and get annoying emails all day long!

I URGE TO ALL OF YOU TO NOT FALL IN THESE TYPES OF SCAMS. This is an only way to collect loads of emails. You will never ever earn MONEY ONLINE through these things. If you want to know the sure shot and right way to EARN MONEY BY WRITING ARTICLES AND GETTING VALID CHECKS FROM GOOGLE ADSENSE, join the best revenue sharing website on the planet, hubpages here:

My internet name is soni2006 (Rajinder Soni) and I am basically from New Delhi, India and working online for last 3 years. Here is the link to my online profile where I have written several articles on different topics:

Again I urge you to not become a prey of those scams and try something real that actually pays for your HARDWORK.

Best of luck.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Which social networks to join on

I read on one of your hubs where you suggested to a reader, who like I  have been on HubPages for only 3 months and have no income at all, to use instead of joining social networks alone. Could you please suggest to me which social networks to join on and I would appreciate any other help you can give me. Soni2006, I am a computer dummy, retired and looking to earn income from Internet. Thank you for your help in advance.

Sorry Joe for so much delay in answering your email query. You can join the most popular social bookmarking sites like twitter, facebook, identica, myspace, gtalk status, linkedin, brightkite, plurk, friendfeed, jaiku, blogger, hi5, youare, multiply, vox, posterous, yahoo profiles, and many more, there is a huge list of sites. The ones I have mentioned are the only ones I have joined and getting good traffic from them to my hubs and blogs.

As explained in my previous blog posts on blogger and hubs on hubpages, the idea of joining is to connect all the microblogging and social networking sites at once and build massive traffic to your sites or articles with the click of a button.

You paste your link's title, html link, a brief two line intro of the article and hit the submit button on your's dashboard and all your other sites will be showing that link. But don't spam with this system and always include fresh links. Stale links are just like state content and submitting again and again a single link will make you a spammer and no one will visit your articles through that link, as your results will show up but your readers will remove you from their fan list. Submitting fresh links is just like submitting fresh content, the same funda goes here also. Also fresh content every time will bring in a new reader for you which will build up your reputation and status not only in the eyes of your reader but also in the eyes of the search engine spiders who will then start to rank your articles high up, giving you more and more traffic, visitors and at the end more money.

Do you really make money through hubpages?

Hi soni its really nice to see some one from india in hubpages who has so many published hubs and established writer...I just have one question "Did you really make any money through hubpages?" And if you are making any how long did it take and how much do you make in month?

I know it a lot of questions but seeing someone from my own county just could not resist. I will be waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance


I am making more than 400 dollars per month from adsense, 100 dollars from amazon and 50 dollars from kontera and ebay on an average per month and all this income is coming via hubpages . Read my personal story and apply it for hubpages success:

Regarding provident fund withdrawal

Dear Soni

I have left three organizations and have not yet withdrawn my PF from any one of them. Wat has to be done in this regards will you please guide me. And usually wat is the time period that is required by the PF office to do the settlement.

Best regards


You can apply for PF after two months of resigning from a company. You can apply for PF withdrawal from all three PF accounts one by one.

Best of luck.

Frequency of submitting articles on social bookmarking sites

Namaskar Soni Ji,
I,m Subodh Mishra from Delhi. I liked your last article. It was very knowledgeable. In your last email you told me that I should submit my article on social networking site on consistent basis. Can you tell me after how much time should I resubmit same article on this site because I think that submit very frequently could spam my article by google and also by this social bookmarking site. is a microblogging service which is combined together with most popular social bookmarking sites available on the internet. Benefit of is that you need to sign up for this site and then connect all the SB sites with this site. Now whenever you will submit an article or a link to your article on, your link will get live on all social bookmarking and microblogging services connect with your account. In this way, you don't need to submit your link one by one to all sites and this will save your time and energy, giving you loads of traffic and thereby increased revenue in returns. But remember to not submit the same article but keep on publishing more and submit new ones every time. Slowly and slowly your reputation in google and
SB sites will improve and you will get a lot of loyal visitors and
gain massive traffic to your articles. Best of luck.

How can I increase traffic to my articles?

Hello, Soni Ji, I'm subodh also belong from East Delhi. I liked your article Benefits of long keyword and I hope that you are earning good amount from online content writing job. I have account on Can you guide me how can I get good traffic for my articles. I have written some good article. But my traffic ratio is very low.

How to increase traffic to articles?

Read this article

and apply all the things in your articles.

Also vote and comment if you like it. I have discussed about many
things to do to increase traffic and earnings in the above article.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

How to increase traffic to articles?

Email question: Hello, Soni Ji, I'm subodh also belong from East Delhi. I liked your article Benefits of long keyword and I hope that you are earning good amount from online content writing job. I have account on Can you guide me how can I get good traffic for my articles. I have written some good articles. But my traffic ratio is very low.

My answer: Read this article

and apply all the things in your articles.

Also vote and comment if you like it. I have discussed about many things to do to increase traffic and earnings in the above article. Also remember to do join and join all microblogging platforms one by one and start posting links to increase traffic.

Best of luck

Share Online Work - Create Backlinks - Increase Revenue

I was not able to wait to share with you a new website for displaying your work as an author. You can write book and article reviews and share all your online work with this site. I am really happy after joining Koffee Klatch today. Also, this is a huge potential of getting backlinks from this site.

Here is an example of what I shared at Koffee Klatch:

Hubpages Interview: Deborah-Lynn Interviews Soni2006


Rajinder Soni
(soni2006 at hubpages)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Joined Hubpages 2 Months ago - Not Making Money, Read this

I am always positive about earning money with hubpages, not just because it is revenue sharing site but it is a site that provides lot of support and help from its large international community. You just need to be consistent and you will definitely reap the benefits and get rewards. Hubpages works as a long-term pension scheme for writers like you and me. In this time of job insecurity and employment crisis, revenue sites like hubpages provide great support for people who are jobless or want to work at home on their computers. Read my story and learn to earn money with hubpages:

Joined Hubpages 2 Months ago - Not Making Money, Read this

Also if you have not joined hubpages up until now, join it now

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Scope of WorldSpace Market in India

The marketing team should understand and think ‘beyond radio'. Let us first talk about broadcasting service (BS). The broadcasting service should be explained and sold to entertainment and non-entertainment segments. Though both the segments appreciate the largest footprints a satellite can provide, they look at the economics of cost of broadcasting and revenue generation. In the case of entertainment broadcasting, it is proved time and again that advertisements can only pump blood into the life of the service and make it viable.
Any advertiser looks at the cost effectiveness of any medium while choosing. As expensive special proprietary, Worldspace receivers are required to receive the broadcasting service, as the listeners are limited. No doubt, the largest footprint gives a wide coverage for national level advertising, especially for expensive products. This was evident from ‘Santro' car advertising in KL radio channel. Only last mile connectivity other than expensive special receivers can give a boost for channel partners. This can be achieved by utilizing existing infrastructure, i.e., the Radio stations of AIR and the cable TV network, which caters to 55 million homes in India.

From the radio stations point of view

Many radio stations are old and low powered and available for sale. Also the time of the many new and not so old stations can be purchased under sponsorship scheme.

As the Worldspace receivers can give ‘quality source' of music to any radio station, the channel partner can hire time on different stations for different time capsules. The timings offered by AIR may be inconvenient, but content and clarity can make those timings popular. For example a Delhi or Hyderabad Tamil speaking listener can enjoy KL radio even at midnight. There is every chance of this listener becoming a proud owner of Worldspace receiver in the due course. Even listeners of Warangal or Kurnool FM stations can enjoy latest Hindi film songs or western music. Before noon or late after noon, radio programs are normally enjoyed by housewives and homemakers.

So keeping these things in mind, WorldSpace can expand its market in India.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why Hubpages is best for a freelance writer?

My personal experience with Hubpages. It has been three years since I have been working with this great site.

If you are a good writer or you are just interested in writing, then hubpages is the best site I have found in my three years of working online. I have not invested a single penny in hubpages and for your knowledge, I would say I am not using my own home computer and using my office PC so no money invested in electricity bills or internet connection. I basically edit and proofread documents and whenever I have not records to review and I have some spare 20 to 25 minutes, I try to write on some new topic and publish it on hubpages and when I reach my home, I just spend leisure time with my family. I have created residual part-time income using hubpages as a platform to write some really incredible articles which are visited, rated, and commented by a variety of great article writers, some of them have experience of may be 10 to 15 years in this field, so now the next thing which comes to mind after my full-time office job is hubpages. Yes, I have become an addict and why not, I am earning serious money from this site, which I am planning to increase in the upcoming days and months and years.

But I always remember on thing that there is no shortcut to success.

Now if you like writing articles and want to earn long term residual income doing that, join

How to earn money with Hubpages?

I receive a lot of emails from many new hubbers on a daily basis asking how can I create my first hub. How do you earn money with hubpages.

Please tell me your experience. Is hubpages a legitimate site and because of that I have created a blog answering all their questions, so whenever a new hubber emails me, I tell him/her to read this: Step by step instructions on how to start your first hub
For people who like writing articles and want to earn some money doing that, join

Tips for Buying a Diamond

Are you shopping for a FAKE diamond?

You need to read this because it is true that many people who purchase diamond and gold jewelery just think that it is really easy to buy one but what about the value of this precious thing in the long run??

My upcoming blog on testing before buying diamond jewelery will be:

Tips for buying a better looking diamond enagement Ring

Resume of a blogger

On October 22, 2010, I will be 30 years of age. I am a father of 1, work as a senior quality analyst in medical transcription industry for the last 10 years, in New Delhi, India and I am working part-time as a content writer for hubpages.
Type "WHAT IS DELEGATION" in google and you will find my favorite hub on the first link.
Hey I am live on twitter: You can follow me anytime: soni2006 on twitter
I have written many articles from topics ranging from gender and relationships like how to make a marriage successful, how to prevent divorce, history of sex, how to take care of yourself during pregnancy, and parenting and childcare issues like porn stuff on net, good safe toys for 2 year old kids, compare homeschool versus public and private schools, selecting daycare and baby-sitters, single parenting, emotional attachment of fathers with kids and medical illnesses and conditions like treating osteoarthritis, adverse drug reaction with ayurvedic medicine, how to treat mesothelioma, how to avoid diabetes, obesity, use of manipulative physiotherapy, how to live a healthy life, treatment of stroke.
I have shared ideas on need of sex education in schools and starting sex education in schools and Are men better than women.
I have written articles on how to make a remote-controlled robot car, RC toy planes, RC helicopters, comparing new luxury cars, comparing warplanes, comparing Hollywood and bollywood movies.
Written content on making new recipes and homemade thirst quenchers.
I have discussed how to earn money with Kontera, Adsense writing articles, invalid clicks on adsense, how to make money with hubpages and clickbank.
So would you like to join hubpages become there will be a wide variety of topics available to write on when you will will join hubpages for example how to stop smoking, how to maintain a flat tummy, how to preserve food, how to fly your pet, how to compare banks, how to save water, how to treat mouth ulcers, how to write a perfect content writer CV.
Inviting Indian bloggers who want to EARN instant 100 rupees per article. Minimum Payout 1000 INR
Buying a diamond engagement ring is not a piece of cake

So this was a small resume of a blogger, that's me.

How to write on anything and earn money?

Today a blogger “HealthTip” commented on my blog. "The thing I like about you is you can write about anything plus your dedication, deff I can learn from you and make money instead of messing about !"
Here is my answer:
I think we can all do that. We have our own mind plus we can use mind of other people's and share, learn, gain, apply knowledge to write articles. Some things which helps me in writing on so many topics is that:
1. First of all, I do not want to write on one single topic again and again and get bored.
2. Due to my profession of transcription services, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to change useless sentences into meaningful ones. In content writing, things, which do not make sense, are useless.
3. I like taking help from my friends, I ask and ask so many things from my friends and each and each person I meet that they have started getting fed up of me but at the same time, they like me for my work.
4. Writing on different topics does not make me lazy.
5. I know if I am being consistent on a single subject or topic, I will make more money for example if I will write 100 hubs on remote controlled toy planes then I will have authority on that topic and google and other search engines will rank my 100 hubs very high plus I will also gain loyal visitors. I also do this but not on a consistent basis. It is my idea that if a person will keep on writing about the same thing, he will get bored or will make his/her visitors bored enough to leave his site.
6. Hubpages is a good platform for writing for me because at hubpages what I do is I write on like one topic, "How to make a marriage successful" and then I move on to writing "How to get rid of painful varicose veins" but whenever I get the opportunity to write on something same like there is a request which comes from another hubber, "How to prevent divorce" so I go and research and then write on it. I add this hub to my group in which the same marriage hub belongs to. In this way, I have written hubs on different topics and made different groups for each of them.
So at last I would say that my idea is to write and write on different topics and making small groups initially and then when the groups will be large enough, these groups of hubs will rank well in the search engines.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Why Buy Apple iPod touch 8 GB?

Apple iPod touch 8 GB of 2nd Generation coming with iPhone OS 3.1 Software Installed It's the newest ipod version from Apple.

This new ipod touch comes with cover flow, genius mixes, genius playlists, shake to shuffle, itunes, and bluetooth features. The screen is very wide enhancing the display while watching videos. You can download and upload apps from App Store at any time. You can browse the web, search sites, access all your email accounts, gets directions, see traffic, tune your cardio workout, and perform many other tasks with this new multitasking device from Apple.

So don't wait. Go ahead and purchase Apple iPod touch 8B

Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to promote your hubnugget hubs? Live Chat

Bobby: hi mr soni
finally caught up with ya!
i really want ur help this time...
my first hub has been selected as hubnugget..
and i want to know.. how can i promote it!
and u can definitely help me in tht
u der?
Sent at 10:36 AM on Monday
me: i am very sorry bobby
you may be surprised to know that I have never done a hubnugget
Bobby: sorry?
me: but I will guide you how to promote
Bobby: i mean.. the basic thing is to promote my hub
\so tht i can get more votes
promotion.. within fellow hubbers
me: send an email to all your friends regarding your hubnugget hub and ask them to vote
Bobby: okies..
me: secondly, join and sign up with all the social bookmarking sites one by one
when you have joined a good amount of sites, then send a link via and it will be published to all your social networks in one click.
r u there??

Bobby: yup
thtz really nice idea, soni
u do these stuff with all ur hubs, ha?
me: publish a small post on blogger with info about what is hubnugget
and then add some details on your personal hub in hubnugget, then ask the visitor to vote.
Bobby: kool
me: ask your office colleagues and friends to personally vote on this
don't feel shy just hit the positive exposure button
and your hub will get the maximum votes
yes i do all these things for my hubs
r u there??
Bobby: okies..
me: best of luck now
Bobby: it definitely brings lots of traffic
me: yes
Bobby: acha.. ru working somewer?
me: it definitely brings a lot of traffic
Bobby: or writing fulltime?
me: no i am working as a proofreader full time and part time at hubpages
Bobby: okies...
in delhi?
me: slowly and steadily all your social networking friends will start becoming your subsrcribers and one day will come when you will get loads of traffic
that day can come in 10 days, 1 month, or three months
but just keep on doing this
this is a best thing to bring traffic
Bobby: ok
me: Yes I work in Delhi in East Patel Nagar
where do u live bobby
in delhi itself
Bobby: yup
in noida
me: where in noida
Bobby: actually.. i was working as freelancer till now
just joined a company as content writer
this is my second day :)
sector 6
u heard abt
in tht company
me: yes
that's great buddy
we will be around
best of luck
Bobby: thanks dude..
me: bye bye for now
Bobby: okies thn..
ping me whenever u r free...
guess.. we can do something together!
buh bye..

Friday, March 26, 2010

Stop hair fall and hair loss

Buy pumpkin seed oil

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Which Play School? Mother's Pride or Shemrock in Delhi? For the last few days, I am really confused about which play school to choose for my daughter Mother's Pride, West Patel Nagar, Shemrock Sprouts East Patel Nagar, or Little Learners East Patel Nagar. It is becoming really hard to get over this. I have to make a decision today or tomorrow. Still I have 15 days to decide. I am just going through various websites like and yahoo answers etc. to get a good answer or at least some experience any other parent have in regards to these schools. I am visiting and to find like-minded people who have shared or might be able to share their experience about these play schools. When it comes to the future of our child, especially schooling. It is really hard to take a decision? Isn't it? Let me know if you have any type of knowledge about this. How to choose a kindergarten for my 2 plus year old kid.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bebook Neo Ereader Benefits

Bebook Neo Ereader Benefits

The BeBook Neo eReader is a touchscreen electronic reader with Wi-Fi capabilities. In fact the BeBook Neo is the world's first touchscreen eReader that has Wi-Fi access to e-book stores worldwide. This latest technology brings ultimate benefits for people who want to browse and purchase from ebook stores. It is easy to use and is a user friendly revolutionary E-link technology.

Monday, January 25, 2010

How to enhance breast size naturally?

Enhance breast size naturally

Heidi says I personally used it for a couple of months. My breasts are big but after my children had lost elasticity and I can assure you that works for the first time in a year I became to feel comfortable without a bra. My partner (who does not confess that I was using these herbs) I wonder after a couple of months of use, but if I had grown breasts. It goes to say how I felt and of course they do not reveal my secret. Just ask, "Why? You like more than a couple of months ago? "... And you can imagine the response.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Basics of Ergonomic Evaluation

Ergonomic evaluation should be preceded by identification or analysis of potential risks by developing a baseline questionnaire that should have some points listed below which can be referred to the workplace conditions and terms of the task for ergonomic assessment.

Basic Points of Ergonomic Evaluation:
  1. Environmental conditions: Noise, vibration, temperature, humidity.
  2. Temporary Conditions: clockwise, pauses, turns.
  3. Social conditions in the enterprise: organization, distribution of work, return requirement.
  4. Terms of information: Orders, instructions, worker participation.
  5. Energy demands.
  6. Postures, movements versus applied forces at work.

In any case, this basic level of identification or analysis of potential risks is difficult to dissociate from the assessments of working conditions of temperature and humidity status of each position and psychosocial factors, as in the analysis of ergonomic evaluation according to the elements described above, there is a clear impact of ergonomics in other disciplines. But perhaps the question would be whether such conditions have been assessed, whether under the title of ergonomic assessment or under another heading, hygienic or psychosocial. In any case each of the points will get a response from the evaluator.

Therefore, for small and medium businesses grouped after all jobs in the company under similar related tasks, job design and environmental conditions would be necessary, at least, apply an initial checklist risks. If as a result of the implementation of this list item is a brand in a paragraph should be passed to the ergonomic assessment phase and following the method used for the paragraph in question. If not check any of the items in a section is considered that the situation is acceptable and would not be necessary to pass the evaluation stage itself.

Note a common baseline identification and advanced level of evaluation:

Both the baseline ergonomic evaluation and in the advanced level, there are common issues that have to be included in the contents.
a) The obligation to inform and train the employee: In all cases it will be essential once the risk assessment and set the appropriate preventive measure, the worker is informed about it and was trained in methodology and standards of conduct to follow to avoid the materialization of it. We refer to a specific assessment of the workplace from the ergonomically.
b) On medical examination must be taken into account:
  1. It will be necessary to assess whether under Art.22 No 1 of the Law on Prevention of occupational risks, medical examination is obliqatorio character as, "... is indispensable to evaluate the effects of working conditions health of workers or to check the health status if worker can be a danger to himself ...".
  2. The inspector will request that medical protocols are applied in appropriate medical examinations, and must always consider the ergonomic risk to which a worker is exposed concrete.
  3. It can also be advisable to make an epidemiological group of workers who are subjected to working conditions harder or discomfort from the ergonomic point of view, or that generate a greater number of sick absenteeism or work, when the magnitude of risk advice.
c) To be obtained from the employer if there WORKERS especially sensitive in the workplace, and possibly require the rigorous application of Law. In this sense it is advisable to inform workers that in case of pregnancy specific preventive measures should be determined in each case that the prevention service of the company.
d) Check whether there is a participation and consultation of workers in both the development of risk assessment in the adoption of preventive measures.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

PF Withdrawl India

I am Kirti and I applied for my PF withdrawl 6 months after leaving my job. I have submitted my PF form in the Wazirpur Industrial Area Delhi some 70 days(2 months ago). On enqiring on the site which helps us in knowing the status of our pf claim it shows that the "form not submitted in the office" message which is not true. Also the address shown for custom grieviance is also an incorrect one as the mail sent to it has bounced back. Even all the phone nos are constantly buzy. Now what should I do next?? Whom should i contact any email address? or phone nos can help me out. I am tensed as i need the money because i am not employed elsewhere.

Kirti, you have to check back with the Wazirpur PF office directly as sometimes it is possible that you PF info is not updated in the system or might be in the que, so it is best to take your acknowledgement slip or PF number to the PF office and give them the no. PF staff will then check out your no. on their computer and let you know the status. If they are unable to find the form, file a lost of form or negligence complaint with the PF department itself but make sure you have your acknowledgement slip with you duly stampted.

Best of luck,

If you have any other types of questions related to your PF withdrawal, let me know. You can also visit my other page: How to withdraw PF in India?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Facial cosmetic surgery and botox injections

Learn some side effects of using botox which is used for improving facial looks with cosmetic treatment

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"If you have not heard of Botox injection paralyzes the muscles and freeze lines, you will soon. Thought to be the fountain of youth but, after about five years of use in cosmetic surgery, this technique to eliminate wrinkles has its strong supporters and detractors terrible. A "beauty is the most fantastic discovery of the century." Other "Botulinum toxin is a poison!". The controversy is served.

1> What is and what does not work? Botox used to treat wrinkles that form with the facial expression gesture, also called dynamic wrinkles such as frown, around the eyes or crow's feet "and forehead wrinkles. Not recommended for use in the 2 / 3 inferior of the face and does not improve wrinkles due to skin damage caused by sunburn. Nor can to sagging and sagging skin.

2> About how long does it last? Is it true that as you go by putting more dose increases the duration? Its duration is 4 to 6 months. But clinical studies show that, as it is reused more lasting effects are going to decrease muscle activity, so that shots are required less frequently.

3> "is also being used for neck wrinkles? Yes, although its use is not widespread because the results are not as good as in other areas.

4> Is it true that Botox can give you looked drowsy as the effects of injection are disappearing? No, not true. Only in a small percentage of patients (approximately 3.5 percent) complication that can occur is a slight ptosis (drooping of the eyelid) when treating localized wrinkles on the forehead and brow. But this happens is extremely rare and in any case always reversible (it takes 2 to 4 weeks to clear).

5> What problems can cause and what are its side effects? At the doses used Botox for wrinkles, what side effects are minimal. The most common is the appearance of a mild concussion in the injection, which disappears spontaneously within a few days and that can be filled with makeup.

6> How far is lost facial expression? It need not be lost if applied correctly to the proper indication. Moreover, as the facial muscles that contract has been addressed in a completely normal facial expression is unaffected.

7> Botulinum toxin is a poison. How long can be harmful? The doses used in aesthetic medicine are completely harmless: the lethal dose is thousands of units of Botox and, for example, for treatment of areas of the forehead, frown lines and crow's feet, we use between 35 and 50 international units toxin, which presents no risk.

8> Can you make you resistant to the toxin injected base often, or have already antibodies of the same? Yes, if the Botox injection is repeated too often can appear antibodies to the toxin and, to inject again, would be neutralized by these antibodies and consequently did not get the expected result. So we left at least three months between treatment and another. The safety interval is usually sufficient to avoid this problem.

9> Who should practice and what kind Botox Clinic should be done? Botulinum toxin should always be reconstructed and injected by a doctor, a clinic prepared with everything necessary, both in medical issues such as administrative leave. So if you have a problem, could be solved with the utmost urgency.

10> Is it true that after 40 years when the wrinkles have installed this technique does not work? Not true, you can use at any age, what happens is that if the wrinkle is very deep, which will cost more relaxing (Botox paralyzes voluntary movement) and can lengthen the treatment. In some cases perhaps also be introduced in a wrinkle filler.

How Varicose Veins Develop?

How Varicose Veins Develop And How They Become Painful?

Because of this, the veins of the legs have valves, so the blood cannot go up again to drop under its own weight. This pumping is done by moving the leg muscles, so walking is an excellent exercise to activate the movement of the legs.

For various reasons when the body is unable to make the blood flow back to the heart, it is stagnant, and having the glass site (vein) is procrastinating. At first, by promoting venous return, this vein dilation disappears and returns to normal. But if it lasts too long, the vein is yes, it "gives", the valves stop working and the problem will be solved when no longer favors the return.

Dilated vessels are called varicose veins, and can appear anywhere in the body, although most frequent in the legs.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Personal Finances and Discipline

A few months ago I met a financial planner who works with my parents. During the
nearly two-hour meeting, we discussed a number of issues. A word that the planner used several times was "discipline". Gain control over their financial affairs is not something that happens spontaneously.

Over the few years I've been married, I realized that what might have worked with my finances as a single, collapsed when I got married, and when our daughter was born, there were no debris. I expected things to work, saving large amounts of money, investing in things that give revenue above market rates, but the reality is different. A successful personal finance planning require regular maintenance and, above all, discipline.

Someone once asked if my expenses go up close would be effective, or whether "simply by adopting a comprehensive approach soberly" would result. Definitely a good idea to spend wisely, of course, and I think the reason we have survived reasonably well, is because we have been too financially careless. Currently saving part of my paycheck in a tax-advantaged account, sponsored by my employer, but it's all we have done with regard to retirement savings.

Personal Finances and Discipline

We have made no load balance on credit cards than a month, but some months we have had to juggle the money to cover our credit card accounts. Basically, we're not really bad but could be better.

How can we be more disciplined in our personal finances? Here are some key areas:

* A written estimate. We have not had a written estimate since we married. I had not had a written estimate long before.

* Constant income and expenditure accounts. This is one of my major goals for this year. Having a vague notion of where our money goes each month is not disciplined. Unless you choose to live in a very small fraction of your income, you really need to know where all the money goes. The unaccounted money evaporates and is lost. Over the years, this could be tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. Doing this once a month is probably not enough, I am pointing to ten times a month.

* Regularly review investment. Probably not necessary to examine the net worth every day, but the periodic review of investment performance and make adjustments as necessary, maintain a portfolio in line with the goals and risk tolerance.

* Speaking of targets. We only had vague goals, which really are not objective truth, because there is no plan to achieve them. Set objectives and plan to achieve them want of discipline.
* Planning to be temperate. Moderation does not happen spontaneously, either, but requires planning and purpose. I know it's cheaper to take my lunch from home but not ready in time, or I do something wrong and thus will not work. I end up eating out because I have no food. That is just one example.

* Learn how to make things better. The mainstay of finance disciplined is to know the correct way of doing things. I acknowledge that I have been involved in the enthusiasm of an investment or a business without preparing things correctly. Finance is a place where it can be very expensive to do things wrong.

Nobody cares about my finances as much as me, so I have to treat them very seriously and this requires discipline.

How to save money on shopping - Choosing special days

You know you should explore their options for getting the best deals on groceries, but did you know that the day and time you make your purchases can also influence what you pay for?

By paying attention to the day of the week and season that makes your purchases, you may find significant savings in their local stores.

Stock up on products on offer during the appropriate seasons. Ever have noticed that the ingredients and baking tools usually fall in price during the holiday season? Similarly, most products are low season and most can be preserved.

Pay attention to which day starts the new offers in the shops. Usually, the supermarket offerings while maintaining its old propaganda of the new is being placed, so you can use the old savings before they disappear at the same time enjoy the new rebates. You will find that most products are discounted.

How to save money on shopping - Choosing special days

Enjoy the peace after the storm. On weekends, an avalanche of consumer invade grocery stores to shop for the week, killing everything in its path "but actually end up with everything?

No, the tendency of large supermarkets on supply is, therefore, there is always a good number of good quality products on the shelves. On Monday morning you will find discounted products than normal, especially when it comes to perishables. This happens because the retailer aims to encourage consumers to buy the product behind and to refuel for the next week frenzy.

Do not always assume it will eventually offer prices on the day advertised. Sometimes shops are special prices for the same producers who offer the product, so that the offers continue until stocks are exhausted.

In general, it makes sense to pay attention to the habits of their stores and supermarkets, you learn to predict when prices will be lower and when the offers change, then you can supply your pantry or refrigerator spending the least amount of money.

So now you know how to save money on shopping by choosing special days for shopping.

How to plan your vacation - Financial Aspects

The winter is still here and seems set to stay for some time. Amid gray skies, the summer holidays seem a distant dream but, although nothing in this hot weather will come faster, you can start your summer plans now.

The two main reasons that this makes sense are: First, given a goal, something to look forward.

How to plan your vacation

If you plan a vacation on the beach, during the most stressful times, you may remember that in a few months he will be relaxing on the sand. A trip to another city can provide you with opportunities to experience cultures different from yours, well, no matter what type of vacation you choose, know that your rest is waiting just around the corner can help overcome the monotony of their daily activities.

Start planning your vacation now, can help you be well prepared for them. A vacation on the beach can encourage him to exercise and diet to look good in your bathing suit. Even a trip to a city may require planning to ensure you include all the things you want to view in your itinerary.

Finally, the most important aspect of planning your vacation time is that you can enjoy them without acquiring any debt. Having decided where you would like to go, need to estimate your travel costs, then divide the total by the number of weeks left for the trip. Saving this amount each week, you can pay cash for your holiday.

How to plan your vacation - Financial Aspects

Imagine the tranquility that will have saved enough in advance for your vacation. People who can not pay for your vacation before leaving home, loaded everything on their credit cards. Each time they have to pull your wallet card, shudder to think of accounts that are waiting for them to return home.

Fortunately this will not be a problem for you. When saving for your holiday does not have to worry about their finances throughout their break.

Plan your vacation now is a great way to spend the winter. Just be sure to plan the financial aspects of your trip.

Cable ties: Reusable Plastic versus Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Cable ties: Reusable Plastic versus Stainless Steel Cable Ties 

Mille-Tie is advanced reusable plastic cable tie that has been designed to take place of traditional fabric hooks or nylon zip ties.

If you are searching for cable ties manufacturers for buying cable ties bases, cable ties in India or anywhere, visit the article here which I published yesterday providing info on what are cable ties, use of cable ties, stainless steel cable ties versus plastic reusable cable tie fasteners.

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Paypal account holders make money


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