Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Facial cosmetic surgery and botox injections

Learn some side effects of using botox which is used for improving facial looks with cosmetic treatment

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"If you have not heard of Botox injection paralyzes the muscles and freeze lines, you will soon. Thought to be the fountain of youth but, after about five years of use in cosmetic surgery, this technique to eliminate wrinkles has its strong supporters and detractors terrible. A "beauty is the most fantastic discovery of the century." Other "Botulinum toxin is a poison!". The controversy is served.

1> What is and what does not work? Botox used to treat wrinkles that form with the facial expression gesture, also called dynamic wrinkles such as frown, around the eyes or crow's feet "and forehead wrinkles. Not recommended for use in the 2 / 3 inferior of the face and does not improve wrinkles due to skin damage caused by sunburn. Nor can to sagging and sagging skin.

2> About how long does it last? Is it true that as you go by putting more dose increases the duration? Its duration is 4 to 6 months. But clinical studies show that, as it is reused more lasting effects are going to decrease muscle activity, so that shots are required less frequently.

3> "is also being used for neck wrinkles? Yes, although its use is not widespread because the results are not as good as in other areas.

4> Is it true that Botox can give you looked drowsy as the effects of injection are disappearing? No, not true. Only in a small percentage of patients (approximately 3.5 percent) complication that can occur is a slight ptosis (drooping of the eyelid) when treating localized wrinkles on the forehead and brow. But this happens is extremely rare and in any case always reversible (it takes 2 to 4 weeks to clear).

5> What problems can cause and what are its side effects? At the doses used Botox for wrinkles, what side effects are minimal. The most common is the appearance of a mild concussion in the injection, which disappears spontaneously within a few days and that can be filled with makeup.

6> How far is lost facial expression? It need not be lost if applied correctly to the proper indication. Moreover, as the facial muscles that contract has been addressed in a completely normal facial expression is unaffected.

7> Botulinum toxin is a poison. How long can be harmful? The doses used in aesthetic medicine are completely harmless: the lethal dose is thousands of units of Botox and, for example, for treatment of areas of the forehead, frown lines and crow's feet, we use between 35 and 50 international units toxin, which presents no risk.

8> Can you make you resistant to the toxin injected base often, or have already antibodies of the same? Yes, if the Botox injection is repeated too often can appear antibodies to the toxin and, to inject again, would be neutralized by these antibodies and consequently did not get the expected result. So we left at least three months between treatment and another. The safety interval is usually sufficient to avoid this problem.

9> Who should practice and what kind Botox Clinic should be done? Botulinum toxin should always be reconstructed and injected by a doctor, a clinic prepared with everything necessary, both in medical issues such as administrative leave. So if you have a problem, could be solved with the utmost urgency.

10> Is it true that after 40 years when the wrinkles have installed this technique does not work? Not true, you can use at any age, what happens is that if the wrinkle is very deep, which will cost more relaxing (Botox paralyzes voluntary movement) and can lengthen the treatment. In some cases perhaps also be introduced in a wrinkle filler.

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