Thursday, January 14, 2010

PF Withdrawl India

I am Kirti and I applied for my PF withdrawl 6 months after leaving my job. I have submitted my PF form in the Wazirpur Industrial Area Delhi some 70 days(2 months ago). On enqiring on the site which helps us in knowing the status of our pf claim it shows that the "form not submitted in the office" message which is not true. Also the address shown for custom grieviance is also an incorrect one as the mail sent to it has bounced back. Even all the phone nos are constantly buzy. Now what should I do next?? Whom should i contact any email address? or phone nos can help me out. I am tensed as i need the money because i am not employed elsewhere.

Kirti, you have to check back with the Wazirpur PF office directly as sometimes it is possible that you PF info is not updated in the system or might be in the que, so it is best to take your acknowledgement slip or PF number to the PF office and give them the no. PF staff will then check out your no. on their computer and let you know the status. If they are unable to find the form, file a lost of form or negligence complaint with the PF department itself but make sure you have your acknowledgement slip with you duly stampted.

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If you have any other types of questions related to your PF withdrawal, let me know. You can also visit my other page: How to withdraw PF in India?

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