Monday, May 31, 2010

Joined Hubpages 2 Months ago - Not Making Money, Read this

I am always positive about earning money with hubpages, not just because it is revenue sharing site but it is a site that provides lot of support and help from its large international community. You just need to be consistent and you will definitely reap the benefits and get rewards. Hubpages works as a long-term pension scheme for writers like you and me. In this time of job insecurity and employment crisis, revenue sites like hubpages provide great support for people who are jobless or want to work at home on their computers. Read my story and learn to earn money with hubpages:

Joined Hubpages 2 Months ago - Not Making Money, Read this

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Scope of WorldSpace Market in India

The marketing team should understand and think ‘beyond radio'. Let us first talk about broadcasting service (BS). The broadcasting service should be explained and sold to entertainment and non-entertainment segments. Though both the segments appreciate the largest footprints a satellite can provide, they look at the economics of cost of broadcasting and revenue generation. In the case of entertainment broadcasting, it is proved time and again that advertisements can only pump blood into the life of the service and make it viable.
Any advertiser looks at the cost effectiveness of any medium while choosing. As expensive special proprietary, Worldspace receivers are required to receive the broadcasting service, as the listeners are limited. No doubt, the largest footprint gives a wide coverage for national level advertising, especially for expensive products. This was evident from ‘Santro' car advertising in KL radio channel. Only last mile connectivity other than expensive special receivers can give a boost for channel partners. This can be achieved by utilizing existing infrastructure, i.e., the Radio stations of AIR and the cable TV network, which caters to 55 million homes in India.

From the radio stations point of view

Many radio stations are old and low powered and available for sale. Also the time of the many new and not so old stations can be purchased under sponsorship scheme.

As the Worldspace receivers can give ‘quality source' of music to any radio station, the channel partner can hire time on different stations for different time capsules. The timings offered by AIR may be inconvenient, but content and clarity can make those timings popular. For example a Delhi or Hyderabad Tamil speaking listener can enjoy KL radio even at midnight. There is every chance of this listener becoming a proud owner of Worldspace receiver in the due course. Even listeners of Warangal or Kurnool FM stations can enjoy latest Hindi film songs or western music. Before noon or late after noon, radio programs are normally enjoyed by housewives and homemakers.

So keeping these things in mind, WorldSpace can expand its market in India.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why Hubpages is best for a freelance writer?

My personal experience with Hubpages. It has been three years since I have been working with this great site.

If you are a good writer or you are just interested in writing, then hubpages is the best site I have found in my three years of working online. I have not invested a single penny in hubpages and for your knowledge, I would say I am not using my own home computer and using my office PC so no money invested in electricity bills or internet connection. I basically edit and proofread documents and whenever I have not records to review and I have some spare 20 to 25 minutes, I try to write on some new topic and publish it on hubpages and when I reach my home, I just spend leisure time with my family. I have created residual part-time income using hubpages as a platform to write some really incredible articles which are visited, rated, and commented by a variety of great article writers, some of them have experience of may be 10 to 15 years in this field, so now the next thing which comes to mind after my full-time office job is hubpages. Yes, I have become an addict and why not, I am earning serious money from this site, which I am planning to increase in the upcoming days and months and years.

But I always remember on thing that there is no shortcut to success.

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How to earn money with Hubpages?

I receive a lot of emails from many new hubbers on a daily basis asking how can I create my first hub. How do you earn money with hubpages.

Please tell me your experience. Is hubpages a legitimate site and because of that I have created a blog answering all their questions, so whenever a new hubber emails me, I tell him/her to read this: Step by step instructions on how to start your first hub
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Tips for Buying a Diamond

Are you shopping for a FAKE diamond?

You need to read this because it is true that many people who purchase diamond and gold jewelery just think that it is really easy to buy one but what about the value of this precious thing in the long run??

My upcoming blog on testing before buying diamond jewelery will be:

Tips for buying a better looking diamond enagement Ring

Resume of a blogger

On October 22, 2010, I will be 30 years of age. I am a father of 1, work as a senior quality analyst in medical transcription industry for the last 10 years, in New Delhi, India and I am working part-time as a content writer for hubpages.
Type "WHAT IS DELEGATION" in google and you will find my favorite hub on the first link.
Hey I am live on twitter: You can follow me anytime: soni2006 on twitter
I have written many articles from topics ranging from gender and relationships like how to make a marriage successful, how to prevent divorce, history of sex, how to take care of yourself during pregnancy, and parenting and childcare issues like porn stuff on net, good safe toys for 2 year old kids, compare homeschool versus public and private schools, selecting daycare and baby-sitters, single parenting, emotional attachment of fathers with kids and medical illnesses and conditions like treating osteoarthritis, adverse drug reaction with ayurvedic medicine, how to treat mesothelioma, how to avoid diabetes, obesity, use of manipulative physiotherapy, how to live a healthy life, treatment of stroke.
I have shared ideas on need of sex education in schools and starting sex education in schools and Are men better than women.
I have written articles on how to make a remote-controlled robot car, RC toy planes, RC helicopters, comparing new luxury cars, comparing warplanes, comparing Hollywood and bollywood movies.
Written content on making new recipes and homemade thirst quenchers.
I have discussed how to earn money with Kontera, Adsense writing articles, invalid clicks on adsense, how to make money with hubpages and clickbank.
So would you like to join hubpages become there will be a wide variety of topics available to write on when you will will join hubpages for example how to stop smoking, how to maintain a flat tummy, how to preserve food, how to fly your pet, how to compare banks, how to save water, how to treat mouth ulcers, how to write a perfect content writer CV.
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Buying a diamond engagement ring is not a piece of cake

So this was a small resume of a blogger, that's me.

How to write on anything and earn money?

Today a blogger “HealthTip” commented on my blog. "The thing I like about you is you can write about anything plus your dedication, deff I can learn from you and make money instead of messing about !"
Here is my answer:
I think we can all do that. We have our own mind plus we can use mind of other people's and share, learn, gain, apply knowledge to write articles. Some things which helps me in writing on so many topics is that:
1. First of all, I do not want to write on one single topic again and again and get bored.
2. Due to my profession of transcription services, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to change useless sentences into meaningful ones. In content writing, things, which do not make sense, are useless.
3. I like taking help from my friends, I ask and ask so many things from my friends and each and each person I meet that they have started getting fed up of me but at the same time, they like me for my work.
4. Writing on different topics does not make me lazy.
5. I know if I am being consistent on a single subject or topic, I will make more money for example if I will write 100 hubs on remote controlled toy planes then I will have authority on that topic and google and other search engines will rank my 100 hubs very high plus I will also gain loyal visitors. I also do this but not on a consistent basis. It is my idea that if a person will keep on writing about the same thing, he will get bored or will make his/her visitors bored enough to leave his site.
6. Hubpages is a good platform for writing for me because at hubpages what I do is I write on like one topic, "How to make a marriage successful" and then I move on to writing "How to get rid of painful varicose veins" but whenever I get the opportunity to write on something same like there is a request which comes from another hubber, "How to prevent divorce" so I go and research and then write on it. I add this hub to my group in which the same marriage hub belongs to. In this way, I have written hubs on different topics and made different groups for each of them.
So at last I would say that my idea is to write and write on different topics and making small groups initially and then when the groups will be large enough, these groups of hubs will rank well in the search engines.