Tuesday, May 04, 2010

How to write on anything and earn money?

Today a blogger “HealthTip” commented on my blog. "The thing I like about you is you can write about anything plus your dedication, deff I can learn from you and make money instead of messing about !"
Here is my answer:
I think we can all do that. We have our own mind plus we can use mind of other people's and share, learn, gain, apply knowledge to write articles. Some things which helps me in writing on so many topics is that:
1. First of all, I do not want to write on one single topic again and again and get bored.
2. Due to my profession of transcription services, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to change useless sentences into meaningful ones. In content writing, things, which do not make sense, are useless.
3. I like taking help from my friends, I ask and ask so many things from my friends and each and each person I meet that they have started getting fed up of me but at the same time, they like me for my work.
4. Writing on different topics does not make me lazy.
5. I know if I am being consistent on a single subject or topic, I will make more money for example if I will write 100 hubs on remote controlled toy planes then I will have authority on that topic and google and other search engines will rank my 100 hubs very high plus I will also gain loyal visitors. I also do this but not on a consistent basis. It is my idea that if a person will keep on writing about the same thing, he will get bored or will make his/her visitors bored enough to leave his site.
6. Hubpages is a good platform for writing for me because at hubpages what I do is I write on like one topic, "How to make a marriage successful" and then I move on to writing "How to get rid of painful varicose veins" but whenever I get the opportunity to write on something same like there is a request which comes from another hubber, "How to prevent divorce" so I go and research and then write on it. I add this hub to my group in which the same marriage hub belongs to. In this way, I have written hubs on different topics and made different groups for each of them.
So at last I would say that my idea is to write and write on different topics and making small groups initially and then when the groups will be large enough, these groups of hubs will rank well in the search engines.

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