Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Resume of a blogger

On October 22, 2010, I will be 30 years of age. I am a father of 1, work as a senior quality analyst in medical transcription industry for the last 10 years, in New Delhi, India and I am working part-time as a content writer for hubpages.
Type "WHAT IS DELEGATION" in google and you will find my favorite hub on the first link.
Hey I am live on twitter: You can follow me anytime: soni2006 on twitter
I have written many articles from topics ranging from gender and relationships like how to make a marriage successful, how to prevent divorce, history of sex, how to take care of yourself during pregnancy, and parenting and childcare issues like porn stuff on net, good safe toys for 2 year old kids, compare homeschool versus public and private schools, selecting daycare and baby-sitters, single parenting, emotional attachment of fathers with kids and medical illnesses and conditions like treating osteoarthritis, adverse drug reaction with ayurvedic medicine, how to treat mesothelioma, how to avoid diabetes, obesity, use of manipulative physiotherapy, how to live a healthy life, treatment of stroke.
I have shared ideas on need of sex education in schools and starting sex education in schools and Are men better than women.
I have written articles on how to make a remote-controlled robot car, RC toy planes, RC helicopters, comparing new luxury cars, comparing warplanes, comparing Hollywood and bollywood movies.
Written content on making new recipes and homemade thirst quenchers.
I have discussed how to earn money with Kontera, Adsense writing articles, invalid clicks on adsense, how to make money with hubpages and clickbank.
So would you like to join hubpages become there will be a wide variety of topics available to write on when you will will join hubpages for example how to stop smoking, how to maintain a flat tummy, how to preserve food, how to fly your pet, how to compare banks, how to save water, how to treat mouth ulcers, how to write a perfect content writer CV.
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Buying a diamond engagement ring is not a piece of cake

So this was a small resume of a blogger, that's me.

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