Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why Hubpages is best for a freelance writer?

My personal experience with Hubpages. It has been three years since I have been working with this great site.

If you are a good writer or you are just interested in writing, then hubpages is the best site I have found in my three years of working online. I have not invested a single penny in hubpages and for your knowledge, I would say I am not using my own home computer and using my office PC so no money invested in electricity bills or internet connection. I basically edit and proofread documents and whenever I have not records to review and I have some spare 20 to 25 minutes, I try to write on some new topic and publish it on hubpages and when I reach my home, I just spend leisure time with my family. I have created residual part-time income using hubpages as a platform to write some really incredible articles which are visited, rated, and commented by a variety of great article writers, some of them have experience of may be 10 to 15 years in this field, so now the next thing which comes to mind after my full-time office job is hubpages. Yes, I have become an addict and why not, I am earning serious money from this site, which I am planning to increase in the upcoming days and months and years.

But I always remember on thing that there is no shortcut to success.

Now if you like writing articles and want to earn long term residual income doing that, join hubpages.com

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