Monday, July 19, 2010

Which social networks to join on

I read on one of your hubs where you suggested to a reader, who like I  have been on HubPages for only 3 months and have no income at all, to use instead of joining social networks alone. Could you please suggest to me which social networks to join on and I would appreciate any other help you can give me. Soni2006, I am a computer dummy, retired and looking to earn income from Internet. Thank you for your help in advance.

Sorry Joe for so much delay in answering your email query. You can join the most popular social bookmarking sites like twitter, facebook, identica, myspace, gtalk status, linkedin, brightkite, plurk, friendfeed, jaiku, blogger, hi5, youare, multiply, vox, posterous, yahoo profiles, and many more, there is a huge list of sites. The ones I have mentioned are the only ones I have joined and getting good traffic from them to my hubs and blogs.

As explained in my previous blog posts on blogger and hubs on hubpages, the idea of joining is to connect all the microblogging and social networking sites at once and build massive traffic to your sites or articles with the click of a button.

You paste your link's title, html link, a brief two line intro of the article and hit the submit button on your's dashboard and all your other sites will be showing that link. But don't spam with this system and always include fresh links. Stale links are just like state content and submitting again and again a single link will make you a spammer and no one will visit your articles through that link, as your results will show up but your readers will remove you from their fan list. Submitting fresh links is just like submitting fresh content, the same funda goes here also. Also fresh content every time will bring in a new reader for you which will build up your reputation and status not only in the eyes of your reader but also in the eyes of the search engine spiders who will then start to rank your articles high up, giving you more and more traffic, visitors and at the end more money.

Do you really make money through hubpages?

Hi soni its really nice to see some one from india in hubpages who has so many published hubs and established writer...I just have one question "Did you really make any money through hubpages?" And if you are making any how long did it take and how much do you make in month?

I know it a lot of questions but seeing someone from my own county just could not resist. I will be waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance


I am making more than 400 dollars per month from adsense, 100 dollars from amazon and 50 dollars from kontera and ebay on an average per month and all this income is coming via hubpages . Read my personal story and apply it for hubpages success:

Regarding provident fund withdrawal

Dear Soni

I have left three organizations and have not yet withdrawn my PF from any one of them. Wat has to be done in this regards will you please guide me. And usually wat is the time period that is required by the PF office to do the settlement.

Best regards


You can apply for PF after two months of resigning from a company. You can apply for PF withdrawal from all three PF accounts one by one.

Best of luck.

Frequency of submitting articles on social bookmarking sites

Namaskar Soni Ji,
I,m Subodh Mishra from Delhi. I liked your last article. It was very knowledgeable. In your last email you told me that I should submit my article on social networking site on consistent basis. Can you tell me after how much time should I resubmit same article on this site because I think that submit very frequently could spam my article by google and also by this social bookmarking site. is a microblogging service which is combined together with most popular social bookmarking sites available on the internet. Benefit of is that you need to sign up for this site and then connect all the SB sites with this site. Now whenever you will submit an article or a link to your article on, your link will get live on all social bookmarking and microblogging services connect with your account. In this way, you don't need to submit your link one by one to all sites and this will save your time and energy, giving you loads of traffic and thereby increased revenue in returns. But remember to not submit the same article but keep on publishing more and submit new ones every time. Slowly and slowly your reputation in google and
SB sites will improve and you will get a lot of loyal visitors and
gain massive traffic to your articles. Best of luck.

How can I increase traffic to my articles?

Hello, Soni Ji, I'm subodh also belong from East Delhi. I liked your article Benefits of long keyword and I hope that you are earning good amount from online content writing job. I have account on Can you guide me how can I get good traffic for my articles. I have written some good article. But my traffic ratio is very low.

How to increase traffic to articles?

Read this article

and apply all the things in your articles.

Also vote and comment if you like it. I have discussed about many
things to do to increase traffic and earnings in the above article.