Thursday, September 30, 2010

CommonWealth Games 2010 and Indian Tourism

I agree that there is corruption in our system but they show (just
what they want)....where as these pictures are true too and must be
seen because they ARE part of the truth being told.

Also, I saw 5 of  the major venues yesterday including the games village and they are
all amazing, landscaping, roads leading towards the venue, Lights,
security, X-ray machines, Car scanners fitted inside the roads and
many more things which we haven't seen earlier in India. All awesome
and up to the International standards, even our CP, just go and have a
look at it in the night, surely you will feel proud to be a Delhite.
But our poor media, ya to babao ke peeche pad jati hai and only become
a critic and nothing else.

By the way, now it is time to make India proud internationally and for
this please give your votes here:

Check this out - You need to vote at Hubpages International Writers
Site. Just do two steps :

1. You need to join HubPages, An International Site for Writers, for
voting, - sign up - provide email address, choose password, etc. and
finished -

2. Now after joining HP, click this link and you will find an
article on McLeodganj - Best Weekend Destination Near Delhi - and
username soni2006. Choose the article - and press the CAST THE VOTE

That's it. This article and the username belongs the first person in
India who has reached this place and this is me. This will help bring
more tourists to India. More tourists means more money for the
Incredible India. I will keep on publishing articles for Indian Hill
Stations like McLeodganj. I am proud to be an Indian.

Jai Hind!!!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Frequency of submitting articles or links on

Namaskar Soni Ji,
I,m Subodh Mishra from Delhi. I liked your last article. It was very knowledgeable. In your last email you told me that I should submit my article on social networking site on consistent basis. Can you tell me after how much time should I resubmit same article on this site because I think that submit very frequently could spam my article by google and also by this social bookmarking site.


Don't submit the same article but keep on publishing more and submit
new ones every time. Slowly and slowly your reputation in google and
social bookmarking sites will improve and you will get a lot of loyal visitors and
gain massive traffic to your articles. Best of luck Subodh.

What is a Banno Kebab?

Banno kebab is a kebab which has two layers, the inside layer is the usual chicken tikka, and the outside layer is made of egg. It is also called Nafeesi kabab at some places. It was originally started by this place called Bhatti Kebab, right next to Flavorz.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Best Nightclubs For College Hangouts in Delhi Hotels

Best Nightclubs For College Hangouts in Delhi Hotels

I liked TCs but it's expensive alright close to the cost at Ruby Tuesday/TGIF. Bachchus was a bit seedy for me. Will try this place in GK.

Another problem in Delhi is that even pubs seem to have a problem with stag entry on weekends!! But then that is a problem I'll have to fix.

Sorry I'm still a bit nostalgic about Bangalore, but I got drinks for 100-150 for a cocktail in regular hours and taxes were on the lower side. The crowd was supper and music was nice too.

I would like to visit some cheap roof top restaurants though.