Saturday, January 09, 2010

Money making opportunity for Indian bloggers

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Kontera has removed the 5-dollar minimum earnings clause

Hi fellow bloggers/content writers/Adsense and Kontera publishers,

Congrats to all of you and me too because the Kontera has shut down their infamous policy of 5 dollar minimum earnings clause. They received a lot of feedback from website publishers so they removed this clause from their system. I think this is a great step which will benefit small scale website publishers who display Kontera ads on their websites, blogs, and hubs. After Kontera's removing the 5-dollar minimum amount per month clause from their system, many hubbers have become really glad and happy because they know that now they are working for real money. Previously, a large group of hubbers at hubpages (also are Kontera publishers) had turned off their Kontera ads on their hubs but now after going through these great news, they have turned on their Kontera ads again on their hubs. Read more info here at hubpages forum

Also you can verify the details of the same at digital point forum

Best of luck for your Kontera plus google adsense earnings.