Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to promote your hubnugget hubs? Live Chat

Bobby: hi mr soni
finally caught up with ya!
i really want ur help this time...
my first hub has been selected as hubnugget..
and i want to know.. how can i promote it!
and u can definitely help me in tht
u der?
Sent at 10:36 AM on Monday
me: i am very sorry bobby
you may be surprised to know that I have never done a hubnugget
Bobby: sorry?
me: but I will guide you how to promote
Bobby: i mean.. the basic thing is to promote my hub
\so tht i can get more votes
promotion.. within fellow hubbers
me: send an email to all your friends regarding your hubnugget hub and ask them to vote
Bobby: okies..
me: secondly, join and sign up with all the social bookmarking sites one by one
when you have joined a good amount of sites, then send a link via and it will be published to all your social networks in one click.
r u there??

Bobby: yup
thtz really nice idea, soni
u do these stuff with all ur hubs, ha?
me: publish a small post on blogger with info about what is hubnugget
and then add some details on your personal hub in hubnugget, then ask the visitor to vote.
Bobby: kool
me: ask your office colleagues and friends to personally vote on this
don't feel shy just hit the positive exposure button
and your hub will get the maximum votes
yes i do all these things for my hubs
r u there??
Bobby: okies..
me: best of luck now
Bobby: it definitely brings lots of traffic
me: yes
Bobby: acha.. ru working somewer?
me: it definitely brings a lot of traffic
Bobby: or writing fulltime?
me: no i am working as a proofreader full time and part time at hubpages
Bobby: okies...
in delhi?
me: slowly and steadily all your social networking friends will start becoming your subsrcribers and one day will come when you will get loads of traffic
that day can come in 10 days, 1 month, or three months
but just keep on doing this
this is a best thing to bring traffic
Bobby: ok
me: Yes I work in Delhi in East Patel Nagar
where do u live bobby
in delhi itself
Bobby: yup
in noida
me: where in noida
Bobby: actually.. i was working as freelancer till now
just joined a company as content writer
this is my second day :)
sector 6
u heard abt
in tht company
me: yes
that's great buddy
we will be around
best of luck
Bobby: thanks dude..
me: bye bye for now
Bobby: okies thn..
ping me whenever u r free...
guess.. we can do something together!
buh bye..