Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Scope of WorldSpace Market in India

The marketing team should understand and think ‘beyond radio'. Let us first talk about broadcasting service (BS). The broadcasting service should be explained and sold to entertainment and non-entertainment segments. Though both the segments appreciate the largest footprints a satellite can provide, they look at the economics of cost of broadcasting and revenue generation. In the case of entertainment broadcasting, it is proved time and again that advertisements can only pump blood into the life of the service and make it viable.
Any advertiser looks at the cost effectiveness of any medium while choosing. As expensive special proprietary, Worldspace receivers are required to receive the broadcasting service, as the listeners are limited. No doubt, the largest footprint gives a wide coverage for national level advertising, especially for expensive products. This was evident from ‘Santro' car advertising in KL radio channel. Only last mile connectivity other than expensive special receivers can give a boost for channel partners. This can be achieved by utilizing existing infrastructure, i.e., the Radio stations of AIR and the cable TV network, which caters to 55 million homes in India.

From the radio stations point of view

Many radio stations are old and low powered and available for sale. Also the time of the many new and not so old stations can be purchased under sponsorship scheme.

As the Worldspace receivers can give ‘quality source' of music to any radio station, the channel partner can hire time on different stations for different time capsules. The timings offered by AIR may be inconvenient, but content and clarity can make those timings popular. For example a Delhi or Hyderabad Tamil speaking listener can enjoy KL radio even at midnight. There is every chance of this listener becoming a proud owner of Worldspace receiver in the due course. Even listeners of Warangal or Kurnool FM stations can enjoy latest Hindi film songs or western music. Before noon or late after noon, radio programs are normally enjoyed by housewives and homemakers.

So keeping these things in mind, WorldSpace can expand its market in India.