Friday, August 06, 2010

Microsoft Will Pay You $243 SCAM BUSTED

Today, I received an email from a friend stating that Microsoft is sharing its fortune and is paying some amount of money to each person who will forward this email. Many people in the email have claimed that Microsoft has paid them some money, some say they got 10000 dollars, some say they got 12, 101 dollars.

My reply to the email: You have got money. Will you get money. No not at all. THIS IS A FAKE EMAIL. I hate these scams, especially email ones. The worst thing is that your trusted friends (without knowing the truth) put your email on it and BAM, you are part of their email spam network and get annoying emails all day long!

I URGE TO ALL OF YOU TO NOT FALL IN THESE TYPES OF SCAMS. This is an only way to collect loads of emails. You will never ever earn MONEY ONLINE through these things. If you want to know the sure shot and right way to EARN MONEY BY WRITING ARTICLES AND GETTING VALID CHECKS FROM GOOGLE ADSENSE, join the best revenue sharing website on the planet, hubpages here:

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Again I urge you to not become a prey of those scams and try something real that actually pays for your HARDWORK.

Best of luck.