Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to build a line following robot?

In order to build a simple line following robot, you need three basic parts:

1. Sensors
2. Some decision block (Microcontrollers/Dogital Logic)
3. Motor Drivers and Motors

1. For the sensor part, you can use

a) LDR and comparators - This method is the easiest and mostly used but greatly affected by ambient lights.
b) IRLed & TSOP sensors - This method is more robust.

2. For Decision block use any microcontroller according to your needs.

3. Mainly two types of motors are used

a) Stepper motors give you more accuracy but less speed and torque (we don't recommend because speed is a great factor in the competitions). You can drive stepper motors with ULN 2003 IC.
b) DC motors give your great speed and torque. Even accuracy can be available with good programming. ULN2003 can be used for unidirectional driving. For bidirectional driving, please use L293D / L298.

Best of luck.

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