Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to download free music?

For many years, with the advent of Mp3 you can store music in less space on our computers so downloading music over the Internet or “download music” has become a common thing and is widely known to many, but this article is intended for those who are starting on this subject and do not know what this is or which program to use and do not know whether this activity is legal or not.

To understand how this whole thing works requires some prior information. For this you need to go back in the past when the whole thing began to be overcrowded over the Internet, through peer to peer networks or in simple words P2P networks, which are nothing more than programs that allow a large number of Internet users to share files over a network. The idea was that once you are connected to these networks using a music download software or program, you can download music to your computer. In simple words, the music files which you were receiving on your system would have been available at that time on the computer of other users.

Napster songs was one of the oldest P2P sharing sites that become extremely popular around the world and eventually everyone was able to find their favorite song they want on that network. This was the time when this site was on top of its popularity. Of course this was not able to last, and this along with other similar networks began to have enormous legal problems with the record labels, and the system evolved into a pay-per-song online, to a value as will be fully acceptable.

If anything is still possible to download large amounts of free music networks such as Lime Wire and Morpheus, which is not always illegal. These performers often unreleased versions or special permit to be distributed by the Internet, and also run versions for promotional purposes. Using these services is easy: visit your website, download the necessary application for free in our computer, and run this program have access to all available issues (to find a particular song you can try connecting at different times, as user who owns the track that we may not be connected at any given time). Now, that can still be found in these networks a lot of original music by these artists is protected by copyright, and downloading these songs a disservice to artists and individuals employed in the music industry. It is left to each individual the moral dilemma of lowering or not these issues, as we shall see the legal music downloading is easy, economical and also protect our computers from infection, so no excuse for breaking the law in this area.

For those wishing to download music legally on the Internet, there are a variety of services extremely attractive and also highly recommended, using them make sure we get the music formats of high quality, uncut and what is even more important, we protected from downloading viruses from uncontrolled networks. One of the characteristics of these systems is that they are P2P, that is all music is stored on the provider's servers. One of the best known, and has revolutionized the music industry is to Itunes, introduced in 2001 at the hands of Apple Computers. Although it is thought to interact with the famed iPod, the truth is that it allows anyone (to listen on your computer or other device other than the iPod) to purchase items (from a selection amazingly enough, from rock, pop, Latin and classical music more alternatives to the slopes) for about a dollar or less. The only problem is that when the service is restricted to certain countries only.

Another very popular legal platform, and otherwise inexpensive (only a few cents per song) to download music, is offered "Allofmp3, a Russian based service. This country has the peculiarity that legally allows the distribution of music as long as compensation is paid to the record label a percentage of the sale, which makes the download prices extremely competitive. And the service is available to everyone. To use this service will not need to download special programs. (Update to article: by 2008, Allofmp3 is MP3Sparks has passed, for those looking for this music download service, with the same characteristics).

Now if we wish to see music videos, just visit YouTube, a service for sharing video files, and operates similarly to other networks. It's free and it requires no special software to download (as long as our computer is current with respect to the media.) The amount of available music videos is amazing, from the home to the established artists. For obvious reasons is that they have begun legal problems, not known to what end it all. For now you can enjoy the service without restrictions, in addition, by using programs like Youtube Catcher, you may download these videos or audio track to the computer, then to play your content offline.

Returning to the paid services I have mentioned, they also allow free music downloads within a limited selection from time to time on a promotional to attract new users. For all these reasons we see that there are options for all tastes, and the rest is pretty straightforward. We might even find that song you never find in traditional record labels.

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