Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to start online paid writing jobs?

On 05/24/11 10:50 AM, arvind khatri wrote: Hi Rajinder, After completing my masters degree in Journalism, I have hauled up a number of online paid writing jobs but to no avail. Since you are already into this and earning for your efforts, can you please suggest me where and how to start? Will be very much indebted, thanks

Dear Arvind, You can start writing articles at Hubpages. Here is the link to join Hubpages.

At Hubpages, you can write only original articles that can be found nowhere else, except HP and share 40:60 revenue with Hubpages, i.e. you will keep 60 and HP will keep 40. You will write articles around them google and HP ads, amazon and ebay online products will be displayed. Once a visitor will come and click the ad or buy a product via your page, you will earn money. In simple words, out of 100 page loads, 60% page loads will be yours and 40% page loads will go to HP’s share.

You will be paid via HP Ads program, Google Adsense, Ebay, and Amazon Products. Arvind in this way you will create multiple streams of income and earn money till you leave your articles here. You will not be selling your articles totally. You can anytime unpublish or delete your articles from HP and publish them anywhere else. But always remember that it can take more than 3 months for you to get your first payouts but after that it will keep on rolling as you will be rolling on new articles or hubs.

Hubpages will work like this:


Join Hubpages here

Just give it a try and leave everything else. Right now HP is affected by Google Panda Update but it is coming back to its lost glory slowly and slowly. Till the time you will receive your first payout, HP will be back to its past rankings in the search engines and then you will be able to reap all the benefits till the time you keep your articles here.

Best of luck.

P.S. If you plan to publish any duplicate content at HP, please don’t join this site. If you can write original and unique articles, then Hubpages is best for you.