Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do You Have Unread Love Quotes and Funny Status Lines to Share on Facebook?

I have been regularly visiting the social networking site Facebook, and recently when I logged in, I saw my FB updates page full of all funny status lines and some love quotes from my friends. It seems people on Facebook are addicted to update their FB status on every possible thing that happens to them or they are doing recently. But when I checked through them, those status messages were viral and copied all over the Internet, was able to see a few of them on twitter, some on facebook, etc. Then, I decided to share a few unread love quotes and some unheard funny Facebook status messages I had in my mind. After you read mine, I would like you to share yours in the comment’s form below:

•    Hey you. No not you. The other you! No wrong you. That one right there with the pointy blue hat! Yes you! Guess what? I see you!

•    God has created our body in such a shape that we cannot pat our own back neither we can kick our own as*. That’s why we need friends.

•    When I was a cute little child, every girl wanted to kiss me and I allowed them to do so but now when I want to kiss cute girls, then they don’t allow me. Moral: Girls are SELFISH.

•    Most innocent and heart touching line said by a true lover to his girlfriend on breakup:
•    Sister, please return all my gifts as I want to give them to your sister-in-law.

•    Don’t get hurt when someone very close to you hurts you, as the best revenge is to live happily so that the person regrets for what he lost.

•    One of my friends talking with God via Facebook: “Oh God. Why me always, why are you testing me that hard. I am not that much strong. God, please have mercy on me and make things a bit easier. Please God please.”

•    When everybody left me alone, I felt very happy because my death will not make anyone to cry for me.

•    I am so busy doing nothing that the idea of doing anything, which always leads to something, cuts into the nothing and then forces me to drop everything.

•    Don’t hate me because I am smart, but hate me because your girlfriend thinks so.

•    Guys, if you love someone then propose her/him as soon as possible before you would be given a TAG of “Best Friend”.

•    A tear is to women what a beer is to men, just way of expressing almost every emotion.

Above were a few unheard love quotes and funny facebook updates I had in my mind. I hope you would have liked them. If it’s true, then I would like you to say something or share some quotes from life or love or funny or weird FB messages you came across while using facebook.