Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Who is soni2006 (Rajinder Soni)

Rajinder Soni, soni2006, is father of a 3-and-a-half-year-old kid.  Her name is Shronika Soni. After her birth, he is so happy that he cannot really express. It's feeling so good inside him. Previously, he was afraid of the new responsibility he got on his shoulders but when the nurse gave him the baby in his hands and her eyes sparkled like she wanted to say something to him, he thought that there was nothing more beautiful and amazing than this, so believe me dear when you will come to your home after doing your office work and take your baby in your hands, there will be a special magical force in your body that will be electrical which soni2006 has personally experienced. All the pains, tensions, and depression of daily home and work routine will be gone.

Besides loving and caring for his daughter, soni2006 does a lot more things. Professionally, he is working as a freelance content writer at Hubpages. Inc. This is his part-time profession but it is creative and interesting so he loves it just because he learns something new every time with this. Also, he is a full-time quality analyst/proofreader/SMO specialist in a transcription company in New Delhi.

Besides working at HubPages and Infosoft, Rajinder Soni (soni2006) loves hanging out with his daughter, wife, and friends on weekends. After his raising his kid for last 3 and a half years, soni2006 believes that being a parent is not a very tough job and you need some patience, guidance, and cooperation of both partners. Rajinder Soni also appreciates his wife for the work she has done in raising his baby. His hobbies include traveling, Internet, writing, meeting new people, long drives, reading books, learning new subjects, singing, listening music, spending leisure time with his baby and wife at home, and searching new words. Rajinder Soni loves making new friends on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Orkut, etc. He loves to read and write.

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