Thursday, July 07, 2011

Organizing a treasure hunt using Twitter

Have you ever planned a treasure hunt with your tweetup friends? First of all I will tell you what Tweetup means. It means a meeting organized by a group of tweeters who tweet on twitter. Now you will be wondering how you can optimize or organize a treasure hunt using twitter. It is very simple and can be covered in a few steps:

1. You have a group of tweet friends on twitter who regularly tweet each other, some for fun, some for business, and some for other interests but you have never met in person with each other.
2. One day you plan to organize a treasure hunt via twitter where you can all meet and get together.
3. For treasure hunt, you will make a person as the organizer. This is the person who will plan your treasure hunt.
4. The organizer will start sending updates to each and every member to reach the secret destination.

See how easy and funny it is to organize a treasure hunt or friends meet up via twitter. To learn more, read: Are you on twitter? What are the benefits of Twitter?