Thursday, February 09, 2012

Rs. 380 for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 - Best Deal on a Smartphone

Rs. 380 for a Smartphone - Best Deal on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Yes, it is surprising but it is amazing and true that you can buy a Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 at 380 INR. If you think it is not true, you can check on your own at my hubpages hub.

But wait this is only meant for residents of India as the site delivers products in more than 7000 pin codes accross India but not in any other countries, not Bangaladesh or Nepal. So if you live in India you can bid for your lucky phone or a tablet or an ergonomic digital camera like Sony cybershot and get all these at 95% discount rates. You just need to buy bids worth the seat and bid in the online auction with several of your friends and keep on bidding till everyone else stops. The auction starts from 0 and every bid placed increases the value of the product to 1 rupee that means if 200 bids are placed, the value of your smartphone will be 200 rupees and if you are the last bidder at that time, then the phone is yours. It will be delivered to your address within 4 to 5 business days via Aramex courier. For more information, visit the above link. Best of luck and enjoy.