Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe, New Delhi

Located @ M110, Multiplex Building, First Floor, DLF Place, Saket District Center, New Delhi, Hard Rock Cafe, New Delhi is the best place to hangout for couples. Fortunately, there is no stag entry allowed in this bar and this is the reason you will find only couples here. The ambience of this restrobar is awesome as are the staff members. You will find them adorning cowboy like dresses to give an ultimate hard rock type of feel to the visitors. The bar is equipped imported liquors of your choice. Although you can also find a few IMFL's on the bar table.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Father son ultimate joke

Father: How was your result?
Son: Principal's son has failed.
Father: And what about you?
Son: Doctor's son has also failed.
Father: But what about your result?
Son: The lawyer's son has also failed.
Father: You bloody I am asking you what happened to your result?
Son: What do you think you are a president whose son will not fail.

Price of ladies dress = 5 kisses

A beautiful girl went to a shop, selected a dress, and asked for its price. The shopkeeper told her that this dress is worth 5 kisses. The girl selected another dress and asked its price. This time the shopkeeper replied, "darling, this dress is worth 10 kisses. Amazed by the shopkeeper's replies, the girl said, "please pack both the dresses as my grandma is going to pay the bill.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friends will be friends - really funny read this

One boy was sitting in a local restaurant with Pepsi on his table. One of his friend came and drank his Pepsi. Then the friend asked what happened buddy? Why are you in tension? Then the boy told him "today I had a fight with my girlfriend, then while driving my car's tire punctured and I got late for my office. Because of reaching late my boss terminated me from my job. Then I bought some poison and mixed that into the Pepsi that you just had...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Water Sports at Calangute and Baga Beach, Goa

There are a lot of water sports activities that you can do in Calangute and Baga Beach, Goa. Both beaches are well connected with each other and there are a lot of shacks on beaches near where you will find several types of water sports equipment on hire. Though you can go for separate rides but it is better to take a package from some group operating water sports there. For example, you can hire speed boats, water bikes, banana boats, parachute rides in one package. It will definitely cost you less than buying rides separately. You can also go for a dolphin hunt near Goa Central Jail if you want but I would recommend you to do that around 5 pm.

Beauty of Anjuna Beach, Goa

When we visited Goa last April, we hired a scootie from Estrala do Mar Resort and visited Anjuna Beach. It was evening and the way to this beach was mind blowing but even great was the beach itself. It was a quiet beach with few people standing on the rocks and posing like Jack in the Titanic movie. This pic was taken right at 6:30 pm when the beach was at its best.

Sunset in Goa - Candolim Beach

Though it is always fine to visit Goa beaches but visiting a Goa beach in the evening when the sun sets is the most appropriate time. This photograph was taken by me at Candolim Beach in Goa in the evening. It was the month of April and the view was awesome. Hope you will also enjoy this pic and share with your friends.