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Soni2006: Earning Money Writing at Hubpages - Editing STM Journals at Aptara Corp

I am an ordinary human being who aims/hopes/aspires to become extraordinary but by discovering ways and means of being more human, more kind, and more alive!

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Get to Know About Soni2006 AKA Rajinder Soni - STM Journal Editor/Content Writer

Soni2006 is a 32-year-old English editor for last 11 years and a freelance writer at Hubpages for last 5 years. Soni lives in Delhi, India. He has a background that includes transcription, editing, proofreading, research, writing, and education. Despite his proofreading and editing background, he has several other interests he likes sharing at Hubpages.

Soni2006 writes about topics he has researched on. He writes on different subjects that are useful for online readers. Though he has written on several topics and categories at hubpages, his deepest interest is writing articles on various diseases and illnesses a human body suffers from. He would also like to write on some rare diseases in the future including their prevention and treatment. He constantly gains knowledge about new diseases, surgical procedures, medical equipment, and advances in healthcare from his medical transcription profession. Whenever he finds an interesting medical word while proofreading medical documents, he does some research on it and read all the info about it and then write an article based on that topic in his own words. In this way, he not only learn about new things and enhance his knowledge but he also helps his visitors with the original and tested info they really want.

Soni2006 also loves photography, driving, music, earning money writing articles at hubpages, reading, listening to songs, and thinking of new concepts. Also, read his personal experience with hubpages

Soni2006 believes that Homemade herbal recipes and bodybuilding tips, tricks, and fitness are evergreen topics to write on. He also has firm belief in alternative/natural medicine as he has seen people getting cured and recovering with herbs and homemade recipes much faster than Western medicine.

SoniI2006 has also experienced extreme benefits of doing fitness workouts, bodybuilding, and weight loss.
Professionally, Soni2006 (Rajinder Soni) has been proofreading, editing, checking spelling, punctuation, grammar sentence structure, and style of Wiley Blackwell journals as an editor in one of top 20 digital publishing solutions organizations in the world, i.e., Aptara Corporation, formerly known as Techbook International.

He makes sure that each and every document delivers 99% accuracy keeping in mind Turn Around Time to deliver the work back to the client.

Besides editing and proofreading documents, soni2006 writes articles on several topics which have added to his knowledge.

Soni2006 is proficient in MS word, Internet research, content writing, and has acquired time management, professional communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills from his professional endeavors in knowledge process outsourcing companies like Selectronics, NY Dox, and JC Infosoft Technologies, and business process outsourcing companies like EXL Service, Inc.

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