Friday, September 28, 2012

Father son ultimate joke

Father: How was your result?
Son: Principal's son has failed.
Father: And what about you?
Son: Doctor's son has also failed.
Father: But what about your result?
Son: The lawyer's son has also failed.
Father: You bloody I am asking you what happened to your result?
Son: What do you think you are a president whose son will not fail.

Price of ladies dress = 5 kisses

A beautiful girl went to a shop, selected a dress, and asked for its price. The shopkeeper told her that this dress is worth 5 kisses. The girl selected another dress and asked its price. This time the shopkeeper replied, "darling, this dress is worth 10 kisses. Amazed by the shopkeeper's replies, the girl said, "please pack both the dresses as my grandma is going to pay the bill.